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Libraries for cluster Mm.440388

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RIKEN full-length enriched, osteoclast-like cellbonenormalflow-sorteduncharacterized treatmentbone, normal, flow-sorted, adult, full-length enriched, EST, unknown developmental stage, osteoclast, C57BL/6J
NICHD_MM_Hyp1brainnormalbulkmultiple treatmentnormal, non-normalized, bulk, hypothalamus, full-length enriched, CGAP, EST, Soares subtracted, unknown developmental stage, MGC, plasmid vector
RIKEN full-length enriched, adult male diencephalonbrainnormalbulkmultiple treatmentnormal, bulk, adult, normalized, subtracted, diencephalon, full-length enriched, EST, male, C57BL/6J
RIKEN full-length enriched, adult male hypothalamusbrainnormalbulkmultiple treatmentnormal, bulk, adult, hypothalamus, normalized, subtracted, full-length enriched, EST, male
Mus Musculus Lateral Ventricle Wall C57BL/6 adultcerebrumnormaluncharacterized preparationuncharacterized treatmentnormal, adult, EST, mixed pool by gender, plasmid vector, oligo-dT primed, lateral ventricle wall, C57BL/6
RIKEN full-length enriched mouse cDNA library, C57BL/6J inner ear adultearnormaluncharacterized preparationuncharacterized treatmentnormal, adult, full-length enriched, EST, inner ear, C57BL/6J
RIKEN full-length enriched, adult inner earearnormalbulkuncharacterized treatmentnormal, bulk, adult, full-length enriched, EST, inner ear, C57BL/6J
Soares mouse embryo NbME13.5 14.5embryonic tissuenormalbulknormalizedfetus, normal, micro-bulk, normalized, EST, Soares normalized, embryonic tissue, size fractionated, oligo-dT primed, C57BL/6J
RIKEN full-length enriched, 0 day neonate eyeballeyenormalbulkuncharacterized treatmenteye, normal, bulk, full-length enriched, neonate, EST
Stratagene mouse lung 937302lungnormalbulkuncharacterized treatmentlung, normal, bulk, adult, EST, mixed pool by gender, size fractionated, directionally cloned, phagemid, oligo-dT primed, crossbred
RIKEN full-length enriched, adult male spinal cordnervousnormalbulkmultiple treatmentspinal cord, normal, bulk, adult, normalized, subtracted, full-length enriched, EST, male
NIH_BMAP_M_S1pooled tissuenormalbulksubtractednormal, hippocampus, brain stem, cerebellum, cerebral cortex, BMAP, amygdala, bulk, basal ganglia, olfactory bulb, hypothalamus, pineal gland, subtracted, corpus striatum, juvenile, EST, Soares subtracted, phagemid, C57BL/6J
NIH_MGC_230thyroidnormalbulknon-normalizedthyroid, normal, non-normalized, bulk, juvenile, EST, MGC, size fractionated, plasmid vector, oligo-dT primed
Mouse P7-10 subtracted cDNA library containing dorsal root ganglion (DRG) enriched transcriptsuncharacterized tissueuncharacterized histologyuncharacterized preparationuncharacterized treatmentEST
RIKEN full-length enriched, NOD-derived CD11c +ve dendritic cellsuncharacterized tissuenormaluncharacterized preparationuncharacterized treatmentnormal, uncharacterized tissue, full-length enriched, antibody purified, EST, unknown developmental stage, dendritic cell, NOD mouse
pBluescript Lionuncharacterized tissueuncharacterized histologyuncharacterized preparationuncharacterized treatmentuncharacterized tissue, uncharacterized preparation, uncharacterized histology, EST, unknown developmental stage