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Libraries for cluster Mm.423278

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RIKEN full-length enriched, 4 days neonate male adiposeadipose tissuenormalbulkmultiple treatmentnormal, bulk, normalized, subtracted, full-length enriched, neonate, EST, male, adipose tissue
RIKEN full-length enriched, 10 days neonate cortexcerebrumnormalbulkmultiple treatmentnormal, cerebral cortex, bulk, normalized, subtracted, juvenile, full-length enriched, EST
RIKEN full-length enriched, 12 days embryo male wolffian ductembryonic tissuenormalbulkuncharacterized treatmentfetus, normal, micro-bulk, wolffian duct, full-length enriched, EST, male, C57BL/6J
RIKEN full-length enriched, 16 days embryo headembryonic tissuenormalbulkuncharacterized treatmentfetus, normal, micro-bulk, full-length enriched, EST, mixed pool by gender, C57BL/6J, embryonic head
RIKEN full-length enriched, 9 days embryoembryonic tissuenormalbulkuncharacterized treatmentnormal, bulk, full-length enriched, EST, embryonic tissue, organogenesis
RIKEN full-length enriched, ES cellsembryonic tissuenormalcell linemultiple treatmentnormal, cell line, normalized, subtracted, full-length enriched, EST, embryonic stem cell, embryonic tissue, unknown embryonic stage, C57BL/6J
RIKEN full-length enriched, adult male spinal cordnervousnormalbulkmultiple treatmentspinal cord, normal, bulk, adult, normalized, subtracted, full-length enriched, EST, male
RIKEN full-length enriched, 13 days embryo male testistestisnormalbulkmultiple treatmentfetus, testis, normal, micro-bulk, normalized, subtracted, full-length enriched, EST, male, C57BL/6J
RIKEN full-length enriched, 2 days pregnant adult female oviductuncharacterized tissuenormalbulkuncharacterized treatmentnormal, bulk, pregnant, adult, oviduct, full-length enriched, EST, female