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Libraries for cluster Mm.333863

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NIH_BMAP_FW0brainnormalbulknon-normalizedfetus, normal, non-normalized, BMAP, bulk, EST, Soares non-normalized, MGC, size fractionated, plasmid vector, directionally cloned, oligo-dT primed, C57BL/6, whole brain
Mus Musculus Lateral Ventricle Wall C57BL/6 adultcerebrumnormaluncharacterized preparationuncharacterized treatmentnormal, adult, EST, mixed pool by gender, plasmid vector, oligo-dT primed, lateral ventricle wall, C57BL/6
NIH_BMAP_MHI2_S1cerebrumnormalbulksubtractednormal, hippocampus, BMAP, bulk, subtracted, juvenile, EST, Soares subtracted, phagemid, C57BL/6J
RIKEN full-length enriched, visual cortexcerebrumnormalbulkuncharacterized treatmentnormal, bulk, full-length enriched, EST, unknown developmental stage, visual cortex, C57BL/6J
NIH_MGC_130earnormalbulknon-normalizednormal, non-normalized, bulk, EST, LTI non-normalized, MGC, inner ear, unknown embryonic stage, size fractionated, directionally cloned, phagemid, oligo-dT primed
NIH_MGC_136embryonic tissuenormalbulknormalizedfetus, normal, bulk, normalized, neonate, EST, LTI normalized, MGC, embryonic tissue, size fractionated, directionally cloned, oligo-dT primed
RIKEN full-length enriched, 17.5 days embryo whole bodyembryonic tissuenormalbulkuncharacterized treatmentfetus, normal, bulk, full-length enriched, EST, embryonic tissue, C57BL/6J
RIKEN full-length enriched, 16 days neonate heartheartnormalbulkuncharacterized treatmentheart, normal, bulk, juvenile, full-length enriched, EST
Soares_mammary_gland_NbMMGmammary glandnormalbulknormalizedmammary gland, normal, bulk, normalized, juvenile, CGAP, EST, Soares normalized, MGC, male, phagemid, oligo-dT primed, C57BL/6J
NIH_MGC_137pancreasnormalbulknon-normalizedpancreas, normal, non-normalized, bulk, EST, unknown developmental stage, MGC, clone collection, phagemid
mouse (C57BL/6) pancreatic islet library with recombination-based methodpancreatic isletnormaluncharacterized preparationuncharacterized treatmentpancreatic islet, normal, uncharacterized preparation, adult, EST, male, C57BL/6
Soares_thymus_2NbMTthymusnormalbulknormalizedthymus, normal, bulk, normalized, juvenile, CGAP, EST, Soares normalized, MGC, male, phagemid, oligo-dT primed, C57BL/6J