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Libraries for cluster Mm.23336

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NCI_CGAP_Co24colonnormalbulknon-normalizednormal, non-normalized, colon, bulk, CGAP, EST, LTI non-normalized, unknown developmental stage, MGC, size fractionated, directionally cloned, phagemid, oligo-dT primed, FVB/N
RIKEN full-length enriched, adult male coloncolonnormalbulkmultiple treatmentnormal, colon, bulk, adult, normalized, subtracted, full-length enriched, EST, male, C57BL/6J
NIH_MGC_136embryonic tissuenormalbulknormalizedfetus, normal, bulk, normalized, neonate, EST, LTI normalized, MGC, embryonic tissue, size fractionated, directionally cloned, oligo-dT primed
RIKEN full-length enriched, 17.5 days embryo whole bodyembryonic tissuenormalbulkuncharacterized treatmentfetus, normal, bulk, full-length enriched, EST, embryonic tissue, C57BL/6J
RIKEN full-length enriched mouse cDNA library, C57BL/6J cecum male adultgastrointestinal tractnormaluncharacterized preparationuncharacterized treatmentcecum, normal, adult, full-length enriched, EST, male, C57BL/6J
RIKEN full-length enriched, 0 day neonate kidneykidneynormalbulkuncharacterized treatmentkidney, normal, bulk, full-length enriched, neonate, EST
NCI_CGAP_Li9livernormalbulknon-normalizedliver, normal, non-normalized, bulk, CGAP, EST, LTI non-normalized, unknown developmental stage, MGC, size fractionated, directionally cloned, phagemid, oligo-dT primed, FVB/N
Soares mouse NMLlivernormalbulknormalizedliver, normal, bulk, normalized, EST, Soares normalized, unknown developmental stage, phagemid, oligo-dT primed
NCI_CGAP_Mam5mammary glandcancerbulknon-normalizedmammary gland, non-normalized, bulk, TGFalpha, adult, CGAP, EST, LTI non-normalized, MGC, directionally cloned, phagemid, oligo-dT primed, mixed breed, breast (mammary gland) cancer
NIH_BMAP_M_S4pooled tissuenormalbulksubtractednormal, brain stem, cerebellum, cerebral cortex, BMAP, amygdala, bulk, basal ganglia, olfactory bulb, hypothalamus, pineal gland, subtracted, corpus striatum, juvenile, EST, Soares subtracted, phagemid, C57BL/6J
Stratagene mouse skin (#937313)skinnormalbulkuncharacterized treatmentskin, normal, bulk, adult, EST, female, size fractionated, directionally cloned, phagemid, oligo-dT primed, C57BL/6
NIA Mouse 7.4K cDNA Clone Setuncharacterized tissueuncharacterized histologyuncharacterized preparationuncharacterized treatmentuncharacterized preparation, uncharacterized histology, EST, mixed tissue, clone collection, mixed developmental stages, mixed pool by gender, plasmid vector
NIA Mouse Trophoblast Stem Cell cDNA Library (Short)uncharacterized tissuenormalcell lineuncharacterized treatmentnormal, cell line, pregnant, adult, short-transcript enriched, EST, female, PCR directed strategy, cDNA template, trophoblast stem cell, plasmid vector, oligo-dT primed, trophoblast
RIKEN full-length enriched, 2 days pregnant adult female oviductuncharacterized tissuenormalbulkuncharacterized treatmentnormal, bulk, pregnant, adult, oviduct, full-length enriched, EST, female
pBluescript Lionuncharacterized tissueuncharacterized histologyuncharacterized preparationuncharacterized treatmentuncharacterized tissue, uncharacterized preparation, uncharacterized histology, EST, unknown developmental stage