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Libraries for cluster Hs.656753

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Sugano cDNA library, adipose tissueadipose tissuenormaluncharacterized preparationuncharacterized treatmentnormal, uncharacterized preparation, EST, unknown developmental stage, adipose tissue
Homo sapiens FETAL BRAINbrainnormalbulkuncharacterized treatmentfetus, normal, bulk, EST, whole brain
RIKEN full-length enriched human cDNA library, hypothalamusbrainuncharacterized histologyuncharacterized preparationuncharacterized treatmentuncharacterized histology, hypothalamus, full-length enriched, EST, unknown developmental stage
NN1022cerebrumnormalbulkuncharacterized treatmentnormal, cerebral cortex, bulk, adult, ORESTES, EST, plasmid vector
Stanley Frontal SB pool 1cerebrumuncharacterized histologybulksubtractedfrontal cortex, bulk, adult, subtracted, EST, male, size fractionated, plasmid vector, oligo-dT primed
GRN_PRENEUembryonic tissuenormalcell lineuncharacterized treatmentnormal, cell line, retinoic acid, full-length enriched, EST, embryonic stem cell, embryonic tissue, H7, embryoid body, mitogen, oligo-dT primed
NCI_CGAP_Kid11kidneynormalbulkmultiple treatmentkidney, normal, bulk, normalized, subtracted, CGAP, EST, Soares subtracted, unknown developmental stage, phagemid
NCI_CGAP_Kid5kidneycancerbulknormalizedkidney, bulk, normalized, CGAP, EST, Soares normalized, unknown developmental stage, phagemid, oligo-dT primed, clear cell renal carcinoma
ET0015lungcancerbulkuncharacterized treatmentlung, bulk, adult, ORESTES, EST, plasmid vector, lung tumor
NIH_MGC_68lungcancercell linenon-normalizedlung, non-normalized, cell line, EST, LTI non-normalized, unknown developmental stage, MGC, size fractionated, directionally cloned, phagemid, oligo-dT primed, non-small cell lung cancer
UI-CF-FN0lungnormalbulksubtractedlung, epithelium, normal, bulk, subtracted, EST, unknown developmental stage, plasmid vector
Soares placenta Nb2HPplacentanormalbulknormalizednormal, placenta, bulk, adult, normalized, EST, female, oligo-dT primed
Soares_placenta_8to9weeks_2NbHP8to9Wplacentanormalbulknon-normalizednormal, non-normalized, placenta, bulk, pregnant, adult, CGAP, EST, Soares non-normalized, female, phagemid, oligo-dT primed
Soares retina N2b4HRretinanormalbulknon-normalizedretina, normal, non-normalized, bulk, adult, EST, male, size fractionated, phagemid, oligo-dT primed
RIKEN full-length enriched human cDNA library, testistestisuncharacterized histologyuncharacterized preparationuncharacterized treatmenttestis, uncharacterized histology, full-length enriched, EST, unknown developmental stage, male
Soares_testis_NHTtestisnormalbulknormalizedtestis, normal, bulk, normalized, CGAP, EST, Soares normalized, unknown developmental stage, male, oligo-dT primed
MAGE resequences, MAGBuncharacterized tissueuncharacterized histologyuncharacterized preparationuncharacterized treatmentuncharacterized tissue, uncharacterized preparation, uncharacterized histology, EST, unknown developmental stage
UT0021uteruscancerbulkuncharacterized treatmentuterus, bulk, adult, ORESTES, EST, plasmid vector, uterine tumor
Uterus tumor Iuteruscancerbulknon-normalizeduterus, non-normalized, bulk, adult, EST, female, uterine tumor