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Libraries for cluster Hs.387411

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LKPD01bone marrowuncharacterized histologyuncharacterized preparationuncharacterized treatmentbone marrow, uncharacterized preparation, uncharacterized histology, EST, unknown developmental stage
CT0479coloncancerbulkuncharacterized treatmentcolon, bulk, adult, ORESTES, EST, plasmid vector, colorectal cancer
Soares_total_fetus_Nb2HF8_9wembryonic tissuenormalbulknormalizednormal, bulk, normalized, CGAP, EST, Soares normalized, embryonic tissue, first trimester, phagemid, oligo-dT primed
Human keratoconus cornea, unamplified, (od/oe)eyeuncharacterized histologybulkuncharacterized treatmentcornea, bulk, adult, EST, plasmid vector, keratoconus
UI-E-EO0eyenormalbulkuncharacterized treatmentfetus, eye, normal, bulk, EST, plasmid vector, directionally cloned, oligo-dT primed
FELNG2lungnormaluncharacterized preparationuncharacterized treatmentfetus, lung, normal, uncharacterized preparation, EST
UI-CF-EC1lungnormalbulknormalizedlung, normal, bulk, normalized, EST, mixed developmental stages, plasmid vector, directionally cloned, oligo-dT primed
686 (synonym: hlcc3)musclenormalbulkuncharacterized treatmentskeletal muscle, normal, bulk, adult, EST
Soares_NFL_T_GBC_S1pooled tissuenormalbulksubtractedfetus, testis, lung, B-cell, normal, bulk, subtracted, CGAP, EST, Soares subtracted, mixed tissue, mixed developmental stages
NIH_MGC_60prostatecancercell linenon-normalizedprostate, non-normalized, cell line, adult, full-length enriched, EST, MGC, Clontech non-normalized, male, size fractionated, plasmid vector, prostatic adenocarcinoma
781 (synonym: hlcc4)uncharacterized tissueuncharacterized histologyuncharacterized preparationuncharacterized treatmentuncharacterized tissue, uncharacterized preparation, uncharacterized histology, adult, EST
Hembase; Erythroid Progenitor Cells (LCB:ax library)uncharacterized tissuenormalmultiple preparationuncharacterized treatmentblood, normal, cell line, flow-sorted, erythropoietin, peripheral blood mononuclear cell, EST, unknown developmental stage
human nasopharynxuncharacterized tissuenormalbulkuncharacterized treatmentnasopharynx, normal, bulk, EST, unknown developmental stage