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Library Info Page

Library ID

Library Name:NIH_MGC_127
Organism:Homo sapiens
UniGene Library ID:10551
Tissue Description:Pooled, 40 cell lines
Library Keywords:blood, brain, eye, skin, kidney, bladder, ovary, prostate, mammary gland, pharynx, lung, liver, normal, non-normalized, colon, salivary gland, cell line, intestine, natural killer cell, EST, unknown developmental stage, mixed tissue, MGC, size fractionated, plasmid vector

Clones and Sequences

#Clones Generated to Date:11520
#Sequences Generated to Date:7315

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Library Preparation Details

Description:Double-stranded cDNA was prepared from a pool of 40 cell line polyA+ RNAs (bladder - 2%, blood - 33.4%, brain - 5.6%, breast - 12.5%, colon - 4%, connective tissue - 1.4%, eye - 1%, intestine - 2.6%, kidnney - 2.2%, liver - 5.7%, lung - 10.8%, NK-cell - 5.2%, ovary - 4%, pharynx - 2.5%, prostate - 4.3%, salivary gland - 1.3%, and skin - 2.3%). 5' and 3' adaptors were used in cloning as follows: 5'-AAGCAGTGGTATCAACGCAGAGTGGCCATTACGGCCGGG-3' and 5'-ATTCTAGAGGCCGAGGCGGCCGACATG-dT(30)NN-3'. Full-length enriched library was constructed using the Clontech Creator SMART kit and size-selected to contain the 1-2 kb size fraction (other fractions present in NIH_MGC_126 and NIH_MGC_128). Library created in the laboratory of T. Usdin, M.D., Ph.D. (NIMH, NIH). Note: this is a NIH_MGC Library.
R. Site1:SfiI (ggccattatggcc)
R. Site2:SfiI (ggccgcctcggcc)
Lab Host:DH10B (T1-phage-resistant)
Vector Type:plasmid (chloramphenicol resistant, grown at 30C)
Tissue Supplier:
Library Producer:Michael Brownstein / Ted Usdin Laboratory