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Library Info Page

Library ID

Library Name:Soares_NSF_F8_9W_OT_PA_P_S1
Organism:Homo sapiens
UniGene Library ID:1184
Tissue Description:Pool of 5 tissues: senescent fibroblasts, placenta, total fetus, parathyroid tumor, ovary tumor
Library Keywords:fetus, parathyroid, ovary, placenta, uncharacterized histology, bulk, adult, subtracted, CGAP, EST, Soares subtracted, mixed tissue, mixed developmental stages

Clones and Sequences

#Clones Generated to Date:43776
#Sequences Generated to Date:26744

Library Preparation Details

Description:Equal amounts of plasmid DNA from five normalized libraries were mixed, and ss circles were made in vitro. Following HAP purification, this DNA was used as tracer in a subtractive hybridization reaction. The driver was PCR-amplified cDNAs from pools of 5,000 clones made from the same 5 libraries. The pools consisted of the following libraries and cloneIDs: Soares NbHSF pool 1: 309384-310919, 323208-325895 Soares Nb2HP pool 1: 145032-147335, 147720-148103, 148872-149255, 15002 - 150407, 151176-152327 Soares Nb2HF8-9W pool 1: 758280-760583, 772104-774407 Soares NbHPA pool 1: 304776-306311, 320136-322823, 326280-326663 Soares NbHOT pool 1: 723720-726407, 739080-740999 Subtraction by Bento Soares and M. Fatima Bonaldo.
R. Site1:Not I
R. Site2:Eco RI
Lab Host:DH10B
Vector Type:phagemid (ampicillin resistant)
Tissue Supplier:
Library Producer:Soares Laboratory