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mSAGE Experimental Viewer (mSEV)

The mSAGE Experimental Viewer (mSEV) automatically sets up the Digital Gene Expression Displayer (DGED) comparison for sets of mouse libraries that have been prepared as stand alone experiments. On the DGED set up page, the user decides which libraries to include in Pool A and Pool B and can change the default statistical parameters.

The experiments are organized by tissue, with a brief description of the libraries, and with the laboratoy name in the DGED link:

Tisssue Description DGED Setup
Bone marrow Bone marrow cells, first stimulated with GM-CSF and then with combinations of IL10, LPS and Vit D3. Cobbold_bone_marrow_DGED
Cerebellum Cerebellar granule cell precursor cells treated with and without SHH. Riggins_GCP_DGED
EC cells EC cells before and after differentiation into cardiomyocytes by DMSO. (1) Boheler_EC_cells_DGED
EC cells EC cells before and after differentiation into cartilage by BMP4. (2) Imai_EC_cells_DGED
ES cells ES cells differentiated with GM-CSF and IL3, with and without LPS. Cobbold_ES_cells_DGED
Hippocampus Hippocampus from short- and long-attack-latency mice. (3) Vreugdenhil_hippocampus_DGED
Mammary gland Normal mammary gland compared to adenocarcinoma, p53 wildtype and null. (4, 5)
Mammary gland from C3(1)SV40Tag mice, with and without LGD1069.*
Retina Retina at various stages of development, and Crx null tissue. (6, 7) Blackshaw_retina_DGED
Skin Normal skin compared to squamous cell carcinoma. (8) Aldaz_skin_DGED
Whole embryo Female embryos at TS26, Carm1 wildtype or null, treated with DES. Aldaz_whole_embryo_DGED
T-cells Naive T-cells, memory T-cells, T-cells expressing TCR α/β, and T-cell expressing TCR γ/δ. (9, 10) Shires_T_cells_DGED

* Targretin, a retinoid X-receptor selective ligand.


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