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GO Gene List

GeneFinder Results For:Mm; regulation of pathway-restricted SMAD protein phosphorylation;
UniGene Build:Hs.234/Mm.193
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SymbolNameSequence IDCGAP Gene Info
Acvr1Activin A receptor, type 1NM_001110204
Gene Info
Acvr1bActivin A receptor, type 1BNM_007395Gene Info
Acvr2aActivin receptor IIANM_007396Gene Info
Acvrl1Activin A receptor, type II-like 1NM_009612Gene Info
Bmp10Bone morphogenetic protein 10NM_009756Gene Info
Bmp2Bone morphogenetic protein 2NM_007553Gene Info
Bmp4Bone morphogenetic protein 4NM_007554Gene Info
Bmp5Bone morphogenetic protein 5NM_007555Gene Info
Bmp6Bone morphogenetic protein 6NM_007556Gene Info
Bmp7Bone morphogenetic protein 7NM_007557Gene Info
BmperBMP-binding endothelial regulatorNM_028472Gene Info
Bmpr1aBone morphogenetic protein receptor, type 1ANM_009758Gene Info
Bmpr2Bone morphogenic protein receptor, type II (serine/threonine kinase)NM_007561Gene Info
Csnk2bCasein kinase 2, beta polypeptideNM_009975Gene Info
Dab2Disabled 2, mitogen-responsive phosphoproteinNM_023118
Gene Info
Dkk1Dickkopf homolog 1 (Xenopus laevis)NM_010051Gene Info
Gene Info
Gdf2Growth differentiation factor 2NM_019506Gene Info
Gdf6Growth differentiation factor 6NM_013526Gene Info
Gdf7Growth differentiation factor 7NM_013527Gene Info
Gm20272Predicted gene, 20272AK138535Gene Info
Grem1Gremlin 1NM_011824Gene Info
InhbaInhibin beta-ANM_008380Gene Info
NodalNodalNM_013611Gene Info
NogNogginNM_008711Gene Info
Pin1Protein (peptidyl-prolyl cis/trans isomerase) NIMA-interacting 1NM_023371Gene Info
RbpmsRNA binding protein gene with multiple splicingNM_019733
Gene Info
Smad4MAD homolog 4 (Drosophila)NM_008540Gene Info
Smad6MAD homolog 6 (Drosophila)NM_008542Gene Info
Smad7MAD homolog 7 (Drosophila)NM_001042660Gene Info
Tgfb1Transforming growth factor, beta 1NM_011577Gene Info
Tgfbr1Transforming growth factor, beta receptor INM_009370Gene Info