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GeneFinder Results For:Mm; cellular lipid catabolic process;
UniGene Build:Hs.234/Mm.193
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SymbolNameSequence IDCGAP Gene Info
Abcd1ATP-binding cassette, sub-family D (ALD), member 1NM_007435Gene Info
Abcd2ATP-binding cassette, sub-family D (ALD), member 2NM_011994Gene Info
Abcd3ATP-binding cassette, sub-family D (ALD), member 3NM_008991Gene Info
Acaa1aAcetyl-Coenzyme A acyltransferase 1ANM_130864Gene Info
Acaa2Acetyl-Coenzyme A acyltransferase 2 (mitochondrial 3-oxoacyl-Coenzyme A thiolase)NM_177470Gene Info
Acad11Acyl-Coenzyme A dehydrogenase family, member 11NM_175324Gene Info
AcadlAcyl-Coenzyme A dehydrogenase, long-chainNM_007381Gene Info
AcadmAcyl-Coenzyme A dehydrogenase, medium chainNM_007382Gene Info
AcadsAcyl-Coenzyme A dehydrogenase, short chainNM_007383Gene Info
AcadvlAcyl-Coenzyme A dehydrogenase, very long chainNM_017366Gene Info
Acer1Alkaline ceramidase 1NM_175731Gene Info
Acot7Acyl-CoA thioesterase 7NM_001146057
Gene Info
Acox1Acyl-Coenzyme A oxidase 1, palmitoylNM_015729Gene Info
Acox2Acyl-Coenzyme A oxidase 2, branched chainNM_053115
Gene Info
Acox3Acyl-Coenzyme A oxidase 3, pristanoylNM_030721Gene Info
AcoxlAcyl-Coenzyme A oxidase-likeNM_028765Gene Info
Acsbg2Acyl-CoA synthetase bubblegum family member 2NM_001039114Gene Info
AdipoqAdiponectin, C1Q and collagen domain containingNM_009605Gene Info
Akr1b8Aldo-keto reductase family 1, member B8NM_008012Gene Info
Akr1c18Aldo-keto reductase family 1, member C18NM_134066Gene Info
Aldh5a1Aldhehyde dehydrogenase family 5, subfamily A1NM_172532Gene Info
AmacrAlpha-methylacyl-CoA racemaseNM_008537Gene Info
Angptl3Angiopoietin-like 3NM_013913Gene Info
Apoa2Apolipoprotein A-IINM_013474Gene Info
Apoa5Apolipoprotein A-VNM_080434Gene Info
ApobApolipoprotein BNM_009693Gene Info
Apoc3Apolipoprotein C-IIINM_023114Gene Info
Bco2Beta-carotene oxygenase 2NM_133217Gene Info
Bdh23-hydroxybutyrate dehydrogenase, type 2NM_001172055
Gene Info
BglapBone gamma carboxyglutamate proteinNM_007541
Gene Info
Bglap2Bone gamma-carboxyglutamate protein 2NM_001032298Gene Info
CelCarboxyl ester lipaseNM_009885Gene Info
Ces1dCarboxylesterase 1DNM_053200Gene Info
Cps1Carbamoyl-phosphate synthetase 1NM_001080809Gene Info
CrotCarnitine O-octanoyltransferaseNM_023733Gene Info
Cyp26a1Cytochrome P450, family 26, subfamily a, polypeptide 1NM_007811Gene Info
Cyp26b1Cytochrome P450, family 26, subfamily b, polypeptide 1NM_175475
Gene Info
Cyp26c1Cytochrome P450, family 26, subfamily c, polypeptide 1NM_001105201Gene Info
Cyp4a10Cytochrome P450, family 4, subfamily a, polypeptide 10NM_010011Gene Info
Cyp4f18Cytochrome P450, family 4, subfamily f, polypeptide 18NM_024444Gene Info
Decr12,4-dienoyl CoA reductase 1, mitochondrialNM_026172Gene Info
Drd1aDopamine receptor D1ANM_010076Gene Info
Echs1Enoyl Coenzyme A hydratase, short chain, 1, mitochondrialNM_053119Gene Info
Eci1Enoyl-Coenzyme A delta isomerase 1NM_010023Gene Info
Eci2Enoyl-Coenzyme A delta isomerase 2NM_011868
Gene Info
EhhadhEnoyl-Coenzyme A, hydratase/3-hydroxyacyl Coenzyme A dehydrogenaseNM_023737Gene Info
Enpp2Ectonucleotide pyrophosphatase/phosphodiesterase 2NM_015744
Gene Info
Enpp7Ectonucleotide pyrophosphatase/phosphodiesterase 7NM_001030291Gene Info
EtfdhElectron transferring flavoprotein, dehydrogenaseNM_025794Gene Info
FaahFatty acid amide hydrolaseNM_010173Gene Info
GalcGalactosylceramidaseNM_008079Gene Info
GbaGlucosidase, beta, acidNM_008094
Gene Info
Gba2Glucosidase beta 2NM_172692Gene Info
GlaGalactosidase, alphaNM_013463Gene Info
Gm2aGM2 ganglioside activator proteinNM_010299Gene Info
Hacl12-hydroxyacyl-CoA lyase 1NM_019975Gene Info
HadhHydroxyacyl-Coenzyme A dehydrogenaseNM_008212Gene Info
HadhaHydroxyacyl-Coenzyme A dehydrogenase/3-ketoacyl-Coenzyme A thiolase/enoyl-Coenzyme A hydratase (trifunctional protein), alpha subunitNM_178878Gene Info
HadhbHydroxyacyl-Coenzyme A dehydrogenase/3-ketoacyl-Coenzyme A thiolase/enoyl-Coenzyme A hydratase (trifunctional protein), beta subunitNM_145558Gene Info
Hao1Hydroxyacid oxidase 1, liverNM_010403Gene Info
HexaHexosaminidase ANM_010421Gene Info
HexbHexosaminidase BNM_010422Gene Info
Hsd17b4Hydroxysteroid (17-beta) dehydrogenase 4NM_008292Gene Info
Inpp5fInositol polyphosphate-5-phosphatase FNM_178641Gene Info
Irg1Immunoresponsive gene 1NM_008392Gene Info
LOC100861751Uncharacterized LOC100861751XR_142268
Gene Info
LepLeptinNM_008493Gene Info
LipcLipase, hepaticNM_008280Gene Info
LipeLipase, hormone sensitiveNM_010719
Gene Info
Lpin1Lipin 1NM_001130412
Gene Info
LplLipoprotein lipaseNM_008509Gene Info
MgllMonoglyceride lipaseNM_001166251
Gene Info
Mt3Metallothionein 3NM_013603Gene Info
NagaN-acetyl galactosaminidase, alphaNM_008669Gene Info
NapepldN-acyl phosphatidylethanolamine phospholipase DNM_178728Gene Info
Pex13Peroxisomal biogenesis factor 13NM_023651Gene Info
Pex5Peroxisomal biogenesis factor 5NM_008995
Gene Info
Pex7Peroxisomal biogenesis factor 7NM_008822
Gene Info
PhyhPhytanoyl-CoA hydroxylaseNM_010726Gene Info
Pla2g1bPhospholipase A2, group IB, pancreasNM_011107Gene Info
Pla2g2cPhospholipase A2, group IICNM_008868Gene Info
Pla2g4aPhospholipase A2, group IVA (cytosolic, calcium-dependent)NM_008869Gene Info
Pla2g4cPhospholipase A2, group IVC (cytosolic, calcium-independent)NM_001168504
Gene Info
Pla2g4dPhospholipase A2, group IVDNM_001024137Gene Info
Pla2g4ePhospholipase A2, group IVENM_177845Gene Info
Pla2g4fPhospholipase A2, group IVFNM_001024145Gene Info
Plcb3Phospholipase C, beta 3NM_008874Gene Info
Plcg1Phospholipase C, gamma 1NM_021280Gene Info
Plcg2Phospholipase C, gamma 2NM_172285Gene Info
Pld1Phospholipase D1NM_001164056
Gene Info
Pld2Phospholipase D2NM_008876Gene Info
Pnliprp2Pancreatic lipase-related protein 2NM_011128Gene Info
Pnpla2Patatin-like phospholipase domain containing 2NM_001163689
Gene Info
Pnpla3Patatin-like phospholipase domain containing 3NM_054088Gene Info
Pnpla8Patatin-like phospholipase domain containing 8NM_026164Gene Info
Prdx6Peroxiredoxin 6NM_007453Gene Info
PtprvProtein tyrosine phosphatase, receptor type, VNM_007955Gene Info
Pus10Pseudouridylate synthase 10NM_028304
Gene Info
Pxmp3Peroxisomal membrane protein 3NM_008994
Gene Info
Slc25a17Solute carrier family 25 (mitochondrial carrier, peroxisomal membrane protein), member 17NM_011399Gene Info
SymbolNameSequence IDCGAP Gene Info
Slc27a2Solute carrier family 27 (fatty acid transporter), member 2NM_011978Gene Info
Slc27a4Solute carrier family 27 (fatty acid transporter), member 4NM_011989Gene Info
Smpd1Sphingomyelin phosphodiesterase 1, acid lysosomalNM_011421Gene Info
Smpd4Sphingomyelin phosphodiesterase 4NM_029945
Gene Info
Smpdl3aSphingomyelin phosphodiesterase, acid-like 3ANM_020561Gene Info
Smpdl3bSphingomyelin phosphodiesterase, acid-like 3BNM_133888Gene Info
Srd5a3Steroid 5 alpha-reductase 3NM_020611Gene Info
-Transcribed locus, strongly similar to XP_003689452.1 PREDICTED: hormone-sensitive lipase-like [Mus musculus]AK016633Gene Info
-Transcribed locus, strongly similar to NP_598949.3 acyl-coenzyme A thioesterase 2, mitochondrial precursor [Mus musculus]BQ964282Gene Info
-Transcribed locus, strongly similar to NP_000174.1 trifunctional enzyme subunit beta, mitochondrial precursor [Homo sapiens]BI453464Gene Info