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GeneFinder Results For:Mm; G-protein coupled purinergic receptor signaling pathway;
UniGene Build:Hs.234/Mm.193
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SymbolNameSequence IDCGAP Gene Info
Adcy5Adenylate cyclase 5NM_001012765Gene Info
Adora1Adenosine A1 receptorNM_001008533
Gene Info
Adora2aAdenosine A2a receptorNM_009630Gene Info
Adora2bAdenosine A2b receptorNM_007413Gene Info
Adora3Adenosine A3 receptorNM_009631
Gene Info
Gnai2Guanine nucleotide binding protein (G protein), alpha inhibiting 2NM_008138Gene Info
Gpr15G protein-coupled receptor 15NM_001162955Gene Info
Gpr17G protein-coupled receptor 17NM_001025381Gene Info
Gpr171G protein-coupled receptor 171NM_173398Gene Info
Gpr174G protein-coupled receptor 174NM_001177781
Gene Info
Gpr18G protein-coupled receptor 18NM_182806Gene Info
Gpr183G protein-coupled receptor 183NM_183031Gene Info
Gpr34G protein-coupled receptor 34NM_011823Gene Info
Gpr87G protein-coupled receptor 87NM_032399Gene Info
Lpar4Lysophosphatidic acid receptor 4NM_175271Gene Info
Lpar6Lysophosphatidic acid receptor 6NM_175116Gene Info
Oxgr1Oxoglutarate (alpha-ketoglutarate) receptor 1NM_001001490Gene Info
P2ry1Purinergic receptor P2Y, G-protein coupled 1NM_008772Gene Info
P2ry10Purinergic receptor P2Y, G-protein coupled 10NM_172435Gene Info
P2ry12Purinergic receptor P2Y, G-protein coupled 12NM_027571Gene Info
P2ry13Purinergic receptor P2Y, G-protein coupled 13NM_028808Gene Info
P2ry14Purinergic receptor P2Y, G-protein coupled, 14NM_133200
Gene Info
P2ry2Purinergic receptor P2Y, G-protein coupled 2NM_008773Gene Info
P2ry4Pyrimidinergic receptor P2Y, G-protein coupled, 4NM_020621Gene Info
P2ry6Pyrimidinergic receptor P2Y, G-protein coupled, 6NM_183168Gene Info
Sucnr1Succinate receptor 1NM_032400Gene Info
-Transcribed locusAK017124Gene Info