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GeneFinder Results For:Mm; plasma lipoprotein particle;
UniGene Build:Hs.234/Mm.193
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SymbolNameSequence IDCGAP Gene Info
Abca1ATP-binding cassette, sub-family A (ABC1), member 1NM_013454Gene Info
Apoa1Apolipoprotein A-INM_009692Gene Info
Apoa2Apolipoprotein A-IINM_013474Gene Info
Apoa4Apolipoprotein A-IVNM_007468Gene Info
Apoa5Apolipoprotein A-VNM_080434Gene Info
ApobApolipoprotein BNM_009693Gene Info
ApobrApolipoprotein B receptorNM_138310Gene Info
Apoc1Apolipoprotein C-INM_007469
Gene Info
Apoc2Apolipoprotein C-IINM_009695Gene Info
Apoc3Apolipoprotein C-IIINM_023114Gene Info
Apoc4Apolipoprotein C-IVNM_007385Gene Info
ApoeApolipoprotein ENM_009696Gene Info
ApofApolipoprotein FNM_133997Gene Info
ApohApolipoprotein HNM_013475Gene Info
ApomApolipoprotein MNM_018816Gene Info
CluClusterinNM_013492Gene Info
Gpihbp1GPI-anchored HDL-binding protein 1NM_026730Gene Info
H47Histocompatibility 47NM_024439Gene Info
HdlbpHigh density lipoprotein (HDL) binding proteinNM_133808Gene Info
LcatLecithin cholesterol acyltransferaseNM_008490Gene Info
LdlrLow density lipoprotein receptorNM_010700
Gene Info
LipcLipase, hepaticNM_008280Gene Info
LplLipoprotein lipaseNM_008509Gene Info
LsrLipolysis stimulated lipoprotein receptorNM_017405
Gene Info
Msr1Macrophage scavenger receptor 1NM_031195
Gene Info
Pcyox1Prenylcysteine oxidase 1NM_025823Gene Info
Pla2g7Phospholipase A2, group VII (platelet-activating factor acetylhydrolase, plasma)NM_013737Gene Info
Pon1Paraoxonase 1NM_011134Gene Info
Saa1Serum amyloid A 1NM_009117Gene Info
Saa2Serum amyloid A 2NM_011314Gene Info
Saa3Serum amyloid A 3NM_011315Gene Info
Saa4Serum amyloid A 4NM_011316Gene Info
Sorl1Sortilin-related receptor, LDLR class A repeats-containingNM_011436Gene Info
VldlrVery low density lipoprotein receptorNM_013703
Gene Info