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GO Gene List

GeneFinder Results For:Mm; protein localization to Golgi apparatus;
UniGene Build:Hs.234/Mm.193
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SymbolNameSequence IDCGAP Gene Info
Arfrp1ADP-ribosylation factor related protein 1NM_001165991
Gene Info
Arl1ADP-ribosylation factor-like 1NM_025859Gene Info
Atg9aAutophagy related 9ANM_001003917Gene Info
Atp9bATPase, class II, type 9BNM_001201569
Gene Info
Cog7Component of oligomeric golgi complex 7NM_001033318Gene Info
Gcc1Golgi coiled coil 1NM_028900Gene Info
Gcc2GRIP and coiled-coil domain containing 2NM_027375Gene Info
Golga1Golgi autoantigen, golgin subfamily a, 1NM_029793Gene Info
Golga4Golgi autoantigen, golgin subfamily a, 4NM_018748Gene Info
OptnOptineurinNM_181848Gene Info
Pacs1Phosphofurin acidic cluster sorting protein 1NM_153129Gene Info
Rab6aRAB6A, member RAS oncogene familyNM_001163663
Gene Info
-Transcribed locusCD354954Gene Info