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GeneFinder Results For:Mm; oxidoreductase activity;
UniGene Build:Hs.234/Mm.193
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SymbolNameSequence IDCGAP Gene Info
1110031I02RikRIKEN cDNA 1110031I02 geneNM_025402Gene Info
1110034B05RikRIKEN cDNA 1110034B05 geneNM_001037742
Gene Info
1700055N04RikRIKEN cDNA 1700055N04 geneNM_028545Gene Info
2410016O06RikRIKEN cDNA 2410016O06 geneNM_023633Gene Info
2810405K02RikRIKEN cDNA 2810405K02 geneNM_025582Gene Info
4833423E24RikRIKEN cDNA 4833423E24 geneNM_001081664Gene Info
4833439L19RikRIKEN cDNA 4833439L19 geneNM_133797
Gene Info
4921501E09RikRIKEN cDNA 4921501E09 geneNM_001009544Gene Info
4933434E20RikRIKEN cDNA 4933434E20 geneNM_025762
Gene Info
4933437F05RikRIKEN cDNA 4933437F05 geneNM_027744Gene Info
AasdhAminoadipate-semialdehyde dehydrogenaseNM_173765Gene Info
AassAminoadipate-semialdehyde synthaseNM_013930Gene Info
Abp1Amiloride binding protein 1 (amine oxidase, copper-containing)NM_001161621
Gene Info
Acaa1aAcetyl-Coenzyme A acyltransferase 1ANM_130864Gene Info
Acad10Acyl-Coenzyme A dehydrogenase family, member 10NM_028037Gene Info
Acad11Acyl-Coenzyme A dehydrogenase family, member 11NM_175324Gene Info
Acad12Acyl-Coenzyme A dehydrogenase family, member 12NM_178799Gene Info
Acad8Acyl-Coenzyme A dehydrogenase family, member 8NM_025862Gene Info
Acad9Acyl-Coenzyme A dehydrogenase family, member 9NM_172678Gene Info
AcadlAcyl-Coenzyme A dehydrogenase, long-chainNM_007381Gene Info
AcadmAcyl-Coenzyme A dehydrogenase, medium chainNM_007382Gene Info
AcadsAcyl-Coenzyme A dehydrogenase, short chainNM_007383Gene Info
AcadsbAcyl-Coenzyme A dehydrogenase, short/branched chainNM_025826Gene Info
AcadvlAcyl-Coenzyme A dehydrogenase, very long chainNM_017366Gene Info
Acox1Acyl-Coenzyme A oxidase 1, palmitoylNM_015729Gene Info
Acox2Acyl-Coenzyme A oxidase 2, branched chainNM_053115
Gene Info
Acox3Acyl-Coenzyme A oxidase 3, pristanoylNM_030721Gene Info
AcoxlAcyl-Coenzyme A oxidase-likeNM_028765Gene Info
Adh1Alcohol dehydrogenase 1 (class I)NM_007409Gene Info
Adh4Alcohol dehydrogenase 4 (class II), pi polypeptideNM_011996Gene Info
Adh5Alcohol dehydrogenase 5 (class III), chi polypeptideNM_007410Gene Info
Adh6aAlcohol dehydrogenase 6A (class V)NM_026945Gene Info
Adh7Alcohol dehydrogenase 7 (class IV), mu or sigma polypeptideNM_009626Gene Info
Adhfe1Alcohol dehydrogenase, iron containing, 1NM_175236Gene Info
Adi1Acireductone dioxygenase 1NM_134052Gene Info
Ado2-aminoethanethiol (cysteamine) dioxygenaseNM_001005419Gene Info
AgmoAlkylglycerol monooxygenaseNM_178767Gene Info
AgpsAlkylglycerone phosphate synthaseNM_172666Gene Info
Aifm1Apoptosis-inducing factor, mitochondrion-associated 1NM_012019Gene Info
Aifm2Apoptosis-inducing factor, mitochondrion-associated 2NM_001039194
Gene Info
Aifm3Apoptosis-inducing factor, mitochondrion-associated 3NM_175178Gene Info
Akr1a1Aldo-keto reductase family 1, member A1 (aldehyde reductase)NM_021473Gene Info
Akr1b10Aldo-keto reductase family 1, member B10 (aldose reductase)NM_172398Gene Info
Akr1b3Aldo-keto reductase family 1, member B3 (aldose reductase)NM_009658Gene Info
Akr1b3Aldo-keto reductase family 1, member B3 (aldose reductase)NR_037965Gene Info
Akr1b7Aldo-keto reductase family 1, member B7NM_009731Gene Info
Akr1b8Aldo-keto reductase family 1, member B8NM_008012Gene Info
Akr1c12Aldo-keto reductase family 1, member C12NM_013777Gene Info
Akr1c13Aldo-keto reductase family 1, member C13NM_013778Gene Info
Akr1c14Aldo-keto reductase family 1, member C14NM_134072Gene Info
Akr1c18Aldo-keto reductase family 1, member C18NM_134066Gene Info
Akr1c20Aldo-keto reductase family 1, member C20NM_054080Gene Info
Akr1c21Aldo-keto reductase family 1, member C21NM_029901Gene Info
Akr1c6Aldo-keto reductase family 1, member C6NM_030611Gene Info
Akr1d1Aldo-keto reductase family 1, member D1NM_145364Gene Info
Akr1e1Aldo-keto reductase family 1, member E1NM_018859Gene Info
Akr7a5Aldo-keto reductase family 7, member A5 (aflatoxin aldehyde reductase)NM_025337Gene Info
Aldh16a1Aldehyde dehydrogenase 16 family, member A1NM_145954Gene Info
Aldh18a1Aldehyde dehydrogenase 18 family, member A1NM_019698
Gene Info
Aldh1a1Aldehyde dehydrogenase family 1, subfamily A1NM_013467Gene Info
Aldh1a2Aldehyde dehydrogenase family 1, subfamily A2NM_009022Gene Info
Aldh1a3Aldehyde dehydrogenase family 1, subfamily A3NM_053080Gene Info
Aldh1a7Aldehyde dehydrogenase family 1, subfamily A7NM_011921Gene Info
Aldh1b1Aldehyde dehydrogenase 1 family, member B1NM_028270Gene Info
Aldh1l1Aldehyde dehydrogenase 1 family, member L1NM_027406Gene Info
Aldh1l2Aldehyde dehydrogenase 1 family, member L2NM_153543Gene Info
Aldh2Aldehyde dehydrogenase 2, mitochondrialNM_009656Gene Info
Aldh3a1Aldehyde dehydrogenase family 3, subfamily A1NM_007436
Gene Info
Aldh3a2Aldehyde dehydrogenase family 3, subfamily A2NM_007437Gene Info
Aldh3b1Aldehyde dehydrogenase 3 family, member B1NM_026316Gene Info
Aldh3b2Aldehyde dehydrogenase 3 family, member B2NM_001177438Gene Info
Aldh4a1Aldehyde dehydrogenase 4 family, member A1NM_175438Gene Info
Aldh5a1Aldhehyde dehydrogenase family 5, subfamily A1NM_172532Gene Info
Aldh6a1Aldehyde dehydrogenase family 6, subfamily A1NM_134042Gene Info
Aldh7a1Aldehyde dehydrogenase family 7, member A1NM_001127338
Gene Info
Aldh8a1Aldehyde dehydrogenase 8 family, member A1NM_178713Gene Info
Aldh9a1Aldehyde dehydrogenase 9, subfamily A1NM_019993Gene Info
Alkbh1AlkB, alkylation repair homolog 1 (E. coli)NM_001102565Gene Info
Alkbh2AlkB, alkylation repair homolog 2 (E. coli)NM_175016Gene Info
Alkbh3AlkB, alkylation repair homolog 3 (E. coli)NM_026944Gene Info
Alkbh4AlkB, alkylation repair homolog 4 (E. coli)NM_028070Gene Info
Alkbh5AlkB, alkylation repair homolog 5 (E. coli)NM_172943Gene Info
Alkbh6AlkB, alkylation repair homolog 6 (E. coli)NM_198027Gene Info
Alkbh7AlkB, alkylation repair homolog 7 (E. coli)NM_025538
Gene Info
Alkbh8AlkB, alkylation repair homolog 8 (E. coli)NM_026303Gene Info
Alox12Arachidonate 12-lipoxygenaseNM_007440Gene Info
Alox12bArachidonate 12-lipoxygenase, 12R typeNM_009659Gene Info
Alox12eArachidonate lipoxygenase, epidermalNM_145684Gene Info
Alox15Arachidonate 15-lipoxygenaseNM_009660Gene Info
Alox5Arachidonate 5-lipoxygenaseNM_009662Gene Info
Alox5apArachidonate 5-lipoxygenase activating proteinNM_009663Gene Info
Alox8Arachidonate 8-lipoxygenaseNM_009661Gene Info
Aloxe3Arachidonate lipoxygenase 3NM_011786Gene Info
Aoc2Amine oxidase, copper containing 2 (retina-specific)NM_178932Gene Info
Aoc3Amine oxidase, copper containing 3NM_009675Gene Info
Aox1Aldehyde oxidase 1NM_009676Gene Info
Aox3Aldehyde oxidase 3NM_023617Gene Info
Aox4Aldehyde oxidase 4NM_023631Gene Info
Apex1Apurinic/apyrimidinic endonuclease 1NM_009687Gene Info
AspdhAspartate dehydrogenase domain containingNM_026690Gene Info
SymbolNameSequence IDCGAP Gene Info
Gene Info
Asphd1Aspartate beta-hydroxylase domain containing 1NM_001039645Gene Info
Asphd2Aspartate beta-hydroxylase domain containing 2NM_028386Gene Info
BC003331CDNA sequence BC003331NM_145511
Gene Info
BC026585CDNA sequence BC026585NM_001033284Gene Info
Bbox1Butyrobetaine (gamma), 2-oxoglutarate dioxygenase 1 (gamma-butyrobetaine hydroxylase)NM_130452Gene Info
BckdhaBranched chain ketoacid dehydrogenase E1, alpha polypeptideNM_007533Gene Info
BckdhbBranched chain ketoacid dehydrogenase E1, beta polypeptideNM_199195Gene Info
Bcmo1Beta-carotene 15,15'-monooxygenaseNM_001163028
Gene Info
Bco2Beta-carotene oxygenase 2NM_133217Gene Info
Bdh13-hydroxybutyrate dehydrogenase, type 1NM_001122683
Gene Info
Bdh23-hydroxybutyrate dehydrogenase, type 2NM_001172055
Gene Info
BlvraBiliverdin reductase ANM_026678Gene Info
BlvrbBiliverdin reductase B (flavin reductase (NADPH))NM_144923Gene Info
Bmp2Bone morphogenetic protein 2NM_007553Gene Info
CatCatalaseNM_009804Gene Info
Cbr1Carbonyl reductase 1NM_007620Gene Info
Cbr2Carbonyl reductase 2NM_007621Gene Info
Cbr3Carbonyl reductase 3NM_173047Gene Info
Cbr4Carbonyl reductase 4NM_145595Gene Info
CcsCopper chaperone for superoxide dismutaseNM_016892Gene Info
Cdo1Cysteine dioxygenase 1, cytosolicNM_033037Gene Info
Ch25hCholesterol 25-hydroxylaseNM_009890Gene Info
Chchd7Coiled-coil-helix-coiled-coil-helix domain containing 7NM_181391
Gene Info
ChdhCholine dehydrogenaseNM_001136240
Gene Info
CmahCytidine monophospho-N-acetylneuraminic acid hydroxylaseNM_001111110
Gene Info
CoilCoilinNM_016706Gene Info
Coq6Coenzyme Q6 homolog (yeast)NM_172582Gene Info
Coq7Demethyl-Q 7NM_009940Gene Info
Cox15COX15 homolog, cytochrome c oxidase assembly protein (yeast)NM_144874Gene Info
Cox4i1Cytochrome c oxidase subunit IV isoform 1NM_009941Gene Info
Cox4i2Cytochrome c oxidase subunit IV isoform 2NM_053091Gene Info
Cox5aCytochrome c oxidase, subunit VaNM_007747Gene Info
Cox6a1Cytochrome c oxidase, subunit VI a, polypeptide 1NM_007748Gene Info
Cox6a2Cytochrome c oxidase, subunit VI a, polypeptide 2NM_009943Gene Info
Cox6b1Cytochrome c oxidase, subunit VIb polypeptide 1NM_025628Gene Info
Cox6b2Cytochrome c oxidase subunit VIb polypeptide 2NM_183405
Gene Info
Cox6cCytochrome c oxidase, subunit VIcNM_053071Gene Info
Cox7a1Cytochrome c oxidase, subunit VIIa 1NM_009944Gene Info
Cox7a2Cytochrome c oxidase, subunit VIIa 2NM_009945Gene Info
Cox7a2lCytochrome c oxidase subunit VIIa polypeptide 2-likeNM_001159529
Gene Info
Cox7bCytochrome c oxidase subunit VIIbNM_025379Gene Info
Cox7cCytochrome c oxidase, subunit VIIcNM_007749Gene Info
Cox8aCytochrome c oxidase, subunit VIIIaNM_007750Gene Info
Cox8bCytochrome c oxidase, subunit VIIIbNM_007751Gene Info
Cox8cCytochrome c oxidase, subunit VIIIcNM_001039049Gene Info
Gene Info
CpoxCoproporphyrinogen oxidaseNM_007757Gene Info
Cr1lComplement component (3b/4b) receptor 1-likeNM_013499Gene Info
Creg1Cellular repressor of E1A-stimulated genes 1NM_011804Gene Info
Creg2Cellular repressor of E1A-stimulated genes 2NM_170597Gene Info
Cryl1Crystallin, lambda 1NM_030004Gene Info
CrymCrystallin, muNM_016669Gene Info
CryzCrystallin, zetaNM_009968Gene Info
Cryzl1Crystallin, zeta (quinone reductase)-like 1NM_133679
Gene Info
Ctbp1C-terminal binding protein 1NM_001198861
Gene Info
Ctbp2C-terminal binding protein 2NM_001170744
Gene Info
Cyb5Cytochrome b-5NM_025797Gene Info
Cyb561Cytochrome b-561NM_007805Gene Info
Cyb5r1Cytochrome b5 reductase 1NM_028057Gene Info
Cyb5r2Cytochrome b5 reductase 2NM_001205227
Gene Info
Cyb5r3Cytochrome b5 reductase 3NM_029787Gene Info
Cyb5r4Cytochrome b5 reductase 4NM_024195Gene Info
Cyb5rlCytochrome b5 reductase-likeNM_175471Gene Info
CybaCytochrome b-245, alpha polypeptideNM_007806Gene Info
Cybasc3Cytochrome b, ascorbate dependent 3NM_201351Gene Info
CybbCytochrome b-245, beta polypeptideNM_007807Gene Info
Cybrd1Cytochrome b reductase 1NM_028593Gene Info
CygbCytoglobinNM_030206Gene Info
Cyp11a1Cytochrome P450, family 11, subfamily a, polypeptide 1NM_019779Gene Info
Cyp11b1Cytochrome P450, family 11, subfamily b, polypeptide 1NM_001033229Gene Info
Cyp11b2Cytochrome P450, family 11, subfamily b, polypeptide 2NM_009991Gene Info
Cyp17a1Cytochrome P450, family 17, subfamily a, polypeptide 1NM_007809Gene Info
Cyp19a1Cytochrome P450, family 19, subfamily a, polypeptide 1NM_007810Gene Info
Cyp19a1Cytochrome P450, family 19, subfamily a, polypeptide 1FJ619058Gene Info
Cyp1a1Cytochrome P450, family 1, subfamily a, polypeptide 1NM_009992
Gene Info
Cyp1a2Cytochrome P450, family 1, subfamily a, polypeptide 2NM_009993Gene Info
Cyp1b1Cytochrome P450, family 1, subfamily b, polypeptide 1NM_009994Gene Info
Cyp20a1Cytochrome P450, family 20, subfamily a, polypeptide 1NM_030013Gene Info
Cyp21a1Cytochrome P450, family 21, subfamily a, polypeptide 1NM_009995Gene Info
Cyp24a1Cytochrome P450, family 24, subfamily a, polypeptide 1NM_009996Gene Info
Cyp26a1Cytochrome P450, family 26, subfamily a, polypeptide 1NM_007811Gene Info
Cyp26b1Cytochrome P450, family 26, subfamily b, polypeptide 1NM_175475
Gene Info
Cyp26c1Cytochrome P450, family 26, subfamily c, polypeptide 1NM_001105201Gene Info
Cyp27a1Cytochrome P450, family 27, subfamily a, polypeptide 1NM_024264Gene Info
Cyp27b1Cytochrome P450, family 27, subfamily b, polypeptide 1NM_010009Gene Info
Cyp2a12Cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily a, polypeptide 12NM_133657Gene Info
Cyp2a22Cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily a, polypeptide 22NM_001101467Gene Info
Cyp2a4Cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily a, polypeptide 4NM_009997Gene Info
Cyp2a5Cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily a, polypeptide 5NM_007812Gene Info
Cyp2ab1Cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily ab, polypeptide 1NM_183158Gene Info
Cyp2b10Cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily b, polypeptide 10NM_009999Gene Info
Cyp2b13Cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily b, polypeptide 13NM_007813Gene Info
Cyp2b19Cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily b, polypeptide 19NM_007814Gene Info
Cyp2b23Cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily b, polypeptide 23NM_001081148Gene Info
Cyp2b9Cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily b, polypeptide 9NM_010000Gene Info
Cyp2c29Cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily c, polypeptide 29NM_007815Gene Info
Cyp2c37Cytochrome P450, family 2. subfamily c, polypeptide 37NM_010001Gene Info
Cyp2c38Cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily c, polypeptide 38NM_010002Gene Info
Cyp2c39Cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily c, polypeptide 39NM_010003Gene Info
SymbolNameSequence IDCGAP Gene Info
Cyp2c40Cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily c, polypeptide 40NM_010004Gene Info
Cyp2c44Cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily c, polypeptide 44NM_001001446
Gene Info
Cyp2c50Cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily c, polypeptide 50NM_001167877
Gene Info
Cyp2c54Cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily c, polypeptide 54NM_206537Gene Info
Cyp2c55Cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily c, polypeptide 55NM_028089Gene Info
Cyp2c65Cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily c, polypeptide 65NM_028191Gene Info
Cyp2c66Cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily c, polypeptide 66NM_001011707Gene Info
Cyp2c67Cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily c, polypeptide 67NM_001024719Gene Info
Cyp2c68Cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily c, polypeptide 68NM_001039555Gene Info
Cyp2c69Cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily c, polypeptide 69NM_001104525Gene Info
Cyp2c70Cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily c, polypeptide 70NM_145499Gene Info
Cyp2d10Cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily d, polypeptide 10NM_010005Gene Info
Cyp2d11Cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily d, polypeptide 11NM_001104531Gene Info
Cyp2d12Cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily d, polypeptide 12NM_201360Gene Info
Cyp2d22Cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily d, polypeptide 22NM_001163472
Gene Info
Cyp2d26Cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily d, polypeptide 26NM_029562Gene Info
Cyp2d34Cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily d, polypeptide 34NM_145474Gene Info
Cyp2d40Cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily d, polypeptide 40NM_023623Gene Info
Cyp2d9Cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily d, polypeptide 9NM_010006Gene Info
Cyp2e1Cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily e, polypeptide 1CA456393Gene Info
Cyp2e1Cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily e, polypeptide 1NM_021282Gene Info
Cyp2f2Cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily f, polypeptide 2NM_007817Gene Info
Cyp2g1Cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily g, polypeptide 1NM_013809Gene Info
Cyp2j11Cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily j, polypeptide 11NM_001004141Gene Info
Cyp2j12Cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily j, polypeptide 12NM_001100182Gene Info
Cyp2j13Cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily j, polypeptide 13NM_145548Gene Info
Cyp2j5Cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily j, polypeptide 5NM_010007Gene Info
Cyp2j6Cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily j, polypeptide 6NM_010008Gene Info
Cyp2j8Cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily j, polypeptide 8NM_001104927Gene Info
Cyp2j9Cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily j, polypeptide 9NM_028979Gene Info
Cyp2r1Cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily r, polypeptide 1NM_177382Gene Info
Cyp2s1Cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily s, polypeptide 1NM_028775Gene Info
Cyp2t4Cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily t, polypeptide 4NM_001100184Gene Info
Cyp2u1Cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily u, polypeptide 1NM_027816Gene Info
Cyp2w1Cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily w, polypeptide 1NM_001160265Gene Info
Cyp39a1Cytochrome P450, family 39, subfamily a, polypeptide 1NM_018887Gene Info
Cyp3a11Cytochrome P450, family 3, subfamily a, polypeptide 11NM_007818Gene Info
Cyp3a13Cytochrome P450, family 3, subfamily a, polypeptide 13NM_007819Gene Info
Cyp3a16Cytochrome P450, family 3, subfamily a, polypeptide 16NM_007820Gene Info
Cyp3a25Cytochrome P450, family 3, subfamily a, polypeptide 25NM_019792Gene Info
Cyp3a41aCytochrome P450, family 3, subfamily a, polypeptide 41ANM_017396Gene Info
Cyp3a41bCytochrome P450, family 3, subfamily a, polypeptide 41BNM_001105159Gene Info
Cyp3a44Cytochrome P450, family 3, subfamily a, polypeptide 44NM_177380Gene Info
Cyp3a57Cytochrome P450, family 3, subfamily a, polypeptide 57NM_001100180Gene Info
Cyp3a59Cytochrome P450, subfamily 3A, polypeptide 59NM_001105160Gene Info
Cyp46a1Cytochrome P450, family 46, subfamily a, polypeptide 1NM_010010Gene Info
Cyp4a10Cytochrome P450, family 4, subfamily a, polypeptide 10NM_010011Gene Info
Cyp4a12aCytochrome P450, family 4, subfamily a, polypeptide 12aNM_177406Gene Info
Cyp4a12bCytochrome P450, family 4, subfamily a, polypeptide 12BNM_172306Gene Info
Cyp4a14Cytochrome P450, family 4, subfamily a, polypeptide 14NM_007822Gene Info
Cyp4a31Cytochrome P450, family 4, subfamily a, polypeptide 31NM_201640
Gene Info
Cyp4a32Cytochrome P450, family 4, subfamily a, polypeptide 32NM_001100181Gene Info
Cyp4b1Cytochrome P450, family 4, subfamily b, polypeptide 1NM_007823Gene Info
Cyp4f13Cytochrome P450, family 4, subfamily f, polypeptide 13NM_130882Gene Info
Cyp4f14Cytochrome P450, family 4, subfamily f, polypeptide 14NM_001204335
Gene Info
Cyp4f15Cytochrome P450, family 4, subfamily f, polypeptide 15NM_134127Gene Info
Cyp4f16Cytochrome P450, family 4, subfamily f, polypeptide 16NM_024442Gene Info
Cyp4f17Cytochrome P450, family 4, subfamily f, polypeptide 17NM_001101445Gene Info
Cyp4f18Cytochrome P450, family 4, subfamily f, polypeptide 18NM_024444Gene Info
Cyp4f39Cytochrome P450, family 4, subfamily f, polypeptide 39NM_177307Gene Info
Cyp4f40Cytochrome P450, family 4, subfamily f, polypeptide 40NM_001101588Gene Info
Cyp4v3Cytochrome P450, family 4, subfamily v, polypeptide 3NM_133969Gene Info
Cyp4x1Cytochrome P450, family 4, subfamily x, polypeptide 1NM_001003947Gene Info
Cyp51Cytochrome P450, family 51NM_020010Gene Info
Cyp7a1Cytochrome P450, family 7, subfamily a, polypeptide 1NM_007824Gene Info
Cyp7b1Cytochrome P450, family 7, subfamily b, polypeptide 1NM_007825Gene Info
Cyp8b1Cytochrome P450, family 8, subfamily b, polypeptide 1NM_010012Gene Info
D2hgdhD-2-hydroxyglutarate dehydrogenaseNM_178882Gene Info
DaoD-amino acid oxidaseNM_010018Gene Info
DbhDopamine beta hydroxylaseNM_138942Gene Info
DctDopachrome tautomeraseNM_010024Gene Info
DcxrDicarbonyl L-xylulose reductaseNM_026428Gene Info
DdoD-aspartate oxidaseNM_027442Gene Info
Decr12,4-dienoyl CoA reductase 1, mitochondrialNM_026172Gene Info
Decr22-4-dienoyl-Coenzyme A reductase 2, peroxisomalNM_011933Gene Info
Degs1Degenerative spermatocyte homolog 1 (Drosophila)NM_007853Gene Info
Degs2Degenerative spermatocyte homolog 2 (Drosophila), lipid desaturaseNM_001171002
Gene Info
Dhcr2424-dehydrocholesterol reductaseNM_053272Gene Info
Dhcr77-dehydrocholesterol reductaseNM_007856Gene Info
DhdhDihydrodiol dehydrogenase (dimeric)NM_027903Gene Info
DhfrDihydrofolate reductaseNM_010049Gene Info
DhodhDihydroorotate dehydrogenaseNM_020046Gene Info
Dhrs1Dehydrogenase/reductase (SDR family) member 1NM_026819Gene Info
Dhrs11Dehydrogenase/reductase (SDR family) member 11NM_177564Gene Info
Dhrs13Dehydrogenase/reductase (SDR family) member 13NM_183286Gene Info
Dhrs2Dehydrogenase/reductase member 2NM_027790Gene Info
Dhrs3Dehydrogenase/reductase (SDR family) member 3NM_011303
Gene Info
Dhrs4Dehydrogenase/reductase (SDR family) member 4NM_001037938
Gene Info
Dhrs7Dehydrogenase/reductase (SDR family) member 7NM_025522Gene Info
Dhrs7bDehydrogenase/reductase (SDR family) member 7BNM_001172112
Gene Info
Dhrs7cDehydrogenase/reductase (SDR family) member 7CNM_001013013Gene Info
Dhrs9Dehydrogenase/reductase (SDR family) member 9NM_175512Gene Info
Dhtkd1Dehydrogenase E1 and transketolase domain containing 1NM_001081131Gene Info
Dio1Deiodinase, iodothyronine, type INM_007860Gene Info
Dio2Deiodinase, iodothyronine, type IINM_010050Gene Info
Dio3Deiodinase, iodothyronine type IIINM_172119Gene Info
DldDihydrolipoamide dehydrogenaseNM_007861Gene Info
DmgdhDimethylglycine dehydrogenase precursorNM_028772Gene Info
Dnajc10DnaJ (Hsp40) homolog, subfamily C, member 10NM_024181Gene Info
DohhDeoxyhypusine hydroxylase/monooxygenaseNM_133964Gene Info