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Gene Finder

What the Gene Finder Tool Can Do

The Gene Finder tool finds one gene or list of genes, based on selected search criteria. Each "found" gene is linked to a Gene Info page which provides selected gene data and links to various NCBI and NCI databases.

Need help! If this is your first time using the Gene Finder tool and you need help and examples, please visit All About the Gene Finder Tool.

Use the Gene Finder

Specific:    By Gene Symbol, Accession Number, UniGene Cluster ID, or Entrez Gene numbers.
*A unique identifier is either a gene symbol, GenBank accession number, protein accestion number, UniProt (SwissProt) protein accessions, UniProt (SwissProt) protein identifiers (like "ACTB_HUMAN"), UniGene cluster ID, Entrez Gene numbers, Ensembl Gene identifier, Ensembl Accession identifier or Ensembl protein identifier.
General:     By Tissue, Function, Location, or Keyword
2. Search on one or more fields: