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minus biological_process [Hs:730] [Mm:9500]
blankplus biological adhesion [Hs:844] [Mm:706]
blankminus biological regulation [Hs:9647] [Mm:10202]
blankblankminus regulation of biological process [Hs:9123] [Mm:9807]
blankblankblankplus negative regulation of biological process [Hs:3420] [Mm:3331]
blankblankblankplus positive regulation of biological process [Hs:3881] [Mm:3727]
blankblankblankplus regulation of G1/S transition checkpoint [Hs:3] [Mm:2]
blankblankblankplus regulation of Rho guanyl-nucleotide exchange factor activity [Hs:2] [Mm:2]
blankblankblankisa regulation of carbohydrate utilization [Hs:1] [Mm:1]
blankblankblankisa regulation of carbon utilization
blankblankblankplus regulation of cell killing [Hs:39] [Mm:57]
blankblankblankplus regulation of cellular process [Hs:8671] [Mm:9245]
blankblankblankplus regulation of circadian rhythm [Hs:47] [Mm:39]
blankblankblankplus regulation of developmental process [Hs:1645] [Mm:1650]
blankblankblankplus regulation of dosage compensation by inactivation of X chromosome [Mm:2]
blankblankblankplus regulation of estrogen receptor binding [Hs:2] [Mm:2]
blankblankblankplus regulation of fibrinolysis [Hs:15] [Mm:10]
blankblankblankplus regulation of growth [Hs:599] [Mm:579]
blankblankblankplus regulation of homeostatic process [Hs:293] [Mm:323]
blankblankblankplus regulation of immune system process [Hs:971] [Mm:782]
blankblankblankplus regulation of localization [Hs:1506] [Mm:1627]
blankblankblankplus regulation of locomotion [Hs:514] [Mm:503]
blankblankblankplus regulation of long term synaptic depression [Hs:1] [Mm:1]
blankblankblankplus regulation of long-term synaptic potentiation [Hs:3] [Mm:5]
blankblankblankminus regulation of metabolic process [Hs:5408] [Mm:5112]
blankblankblankblankplus negative regulation of metabolic process [Hs:1648] [Mm:1626]
blankblankblankblankplus positive regulation of metabolic process [Hs:2265] [Mm:2155]
blankblankblankblankplus regulation of biosynthetic process [Hs:3797] [Mm:3432]
blankblankblankblankplus regulation of catabolic process [Hs:559] [Mm:558]
blankblankblankblankplus regulation of catalytic activity [Hs:1602] [Mm:1561]
blankblankblankblankplus regulation of cellular metabolic process [Hs:4925] [Mm:4464]
blankblankblankblankplus regulation of hormone metabolic process [Hs:28] [Mm:33]
blankblankblankblankplus regulation of macromolecule metabolic process [Hs:4690] [Mm:4293]
blankblankblankblankplus regulation of multicellular organismal metabolic process [Hs:31] [Mm:32]
blankblankblankblankminus regulation of nitrogen compound metabolic process [Hs:3936] [Mm:3504]
blankblankblankblankblankplus negative regulation of nitrogen compound metabolic process [Hs:1096] [Mm:1113]
blankblankblankblankblankplus positive regulation of nitrogen compound metabolic process [Hs:1395] [Mm:1405]
blankblankblankblankblankplus regulation of N',N'',N'''-triacetylfusarinine C biosynthetic process
blankblankblankblankblankplus regulation of brevianamide F biosynthetic process
blankblankblankblankblankplus regulation of camalexin biosynthetic process
blankblankblankblankblankplus regulation of cellular amide metabolic process [Hs:7] [Mm:6]
blankblankblankblankblankplus regulation of cellular amine metabolic process [Hs:79] [Mm:31]
blankblankblankblankblankplus regulation of chitin metabolic process
blankblankblankblankblankplus regulation of coenzyme F420-dependent bicyclic nitroimidazole catabolic process
blankblankblankblankblankplus regulation of ergot alkaloid biosynthetic process
blankblankblankblankblankplus regulation of fumitremorgin B biosynthetic process
blankblankblankblankblankplus regulation of gliotoxin biosynthetic process
blankblankblankblankblankplus regulation of glucosylceramide catabolic process [Hs:1] [Mm:1]
blankblankblankblankblankplus regulation of hyaluronan biosynthetic process [Hs:4] [Mm:4]
blankblankblankblankblankplus regulation of methane biosynthetic process from dimethylamine
blankblankblankblankblankplus regulation of methane biosynthetic process from methylamine
blankblankblankblankblankplus regulation of methane biosynthetic process from trimethylamine
blankblankblankblankblankplus regulation of methanophenazine metabolic process
blankblankblankblankblankisa regulation of nitrate assimilation
blankblankblankblankblankplus regulation of nitric oxide biosynthetic process [Hs:47] [Mm:52]
blankblankblankblankblankisa regulation of nitric oxide metabolic process [Hs:1] [Mm:1]
blankblankblankblankblankplus regulation of nucleobase-containing compound metabolic process [Hs:3845] [Mm:3456]
blankblankblankblankblankplus regulation of phenazine biosynthetic process
blankblankblankblankblankplus regulation of pteridine metabolic process
blankblankblankblankblankplus regulation of sphingolipid biosynthetic process [Hs:4] [Mm:4]
blankblankblankblankblankplus regulation of tatiopterin metabolic process
blankblankblankblankblankplus regulation of tensidol A biosynthetic process
blankblankblankblankblankplus regulation of tensidol B biosynthetic process
blankblankblankblankblankplus regulation of terrequinone A biosynthetic process
blankblankblankblankblankplus regulation of tetrapyrrole metabolic process
blankblankblankblankblankplus regulation of thiamine biosynthetic process
blankblankblankblankblankplus regulation of thiamine diphosphate biosynthetic process
blankblankblankblankplus regulation of olefin metabolic process
blankblankblankblankplus regulation of primary metabolic process [Hs:4855] [Mm:4412]
blankblankblankblankplus regulation of respiratory burst [Hs:10] [Mm:10]
blankblankblankblankplus regulation of secondary metabolic process [Hs:1] [Mm:3]
blankblankblankblankplus regulation of vitamin metabolic process [Hs:7] [Mm:5]
blankblankblankplus regulation of multi-organism process [Hs:1564] [Mm:1504]
blankblankblankplus regulation of multicellular organismal process [Hs:2012] [Mm:2067]
blankblankblankplus regulation of nitrogen utilization [Hs:4] [Mm:3]
blankblankblankplus regulation of phenotypic switching
blankblankblankplus regulation of phosphorus utilization
blankblankblankplus regulation of plasma lipoprotein particle levels [Hs:43] [Mm:38]
blankblankblankplus regulation of reproductive process [Hs:220] [Mm:184]
blankblankblankplus regulation of response to stimulus [Hs:2619] [Mm:2325]
blankblankblankplus regulation of signaling [Hs:2308] [Mm:2116]
blankblankblankplus regulation of spindle checkpoint [Hs:8] [Mm:9]
blankblankblankplus regulation of sulfur utilization
blankblankplus regulation of biological quality [Hs:2643] [Mm:2222]
blankblankplus regulation of molecular function [Hs:2024] [Mm:1979]
blankplus cell killing [Hs:37] [Mm:23]
blankplus cellular process [Hs:13805] [Mm:13810]
blankplus death [Hs:1251] [Mm:925]
blankplus developmental process [Hs:4846] [Mm:4217]
blankplus establishment of localization [Hs:3312] [Mm:3124]
blankplus growth [Hs:368] [Mm:371]
blankplus immune system process [Hs:1733] [Mm:1205]
blankplus localization [Hs:4083] [Mm:3831]
blankplus locomotion [Hs:1123] [Mm:809]
blankplus metabolic process [Hs:9148] [Mm:8524]
blankplus multi-organism process [Hs:5125] [Mm:4073]
blankplus multicellular organismal process [Hs:6014] [Mm:5976]
blankplus reproduction [Hs:1721] [Mm:1059]
blankplus reproductive process [Hs:1713] [Mm:1055]
blankplus response to stimulus [Hs:6958] [Mm:6862]
blankplus signaling [Hs:4582] [Mm:4845]
blankplus single-organism process [Hs:8449] [Mm:8215]
plus cellular_component [Hs:694] [Mm:8790]
plus molecular_function [Hs:803] [Mm:9729]