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plus biological_process [Hs:730] [Mm:9500]
minus cellular_component [Hs:694] [Mm:8790]
blankplus cell [Hs:16015] [Mm:15635]
blankplus cell junction [Hs:831] [Mm:834]
blankplus cell part [Hs:16014] [Mm:15635]
blankplus extracellular matrix [Hs:481] [Mm:412]
blankplus extracellular matrix part [Hs:211] [Mm:207]
blankplus extracellular region [Hs:2388] [Mm:1928]
blankplus extracellular region part [Hs:1244] [Mm:1112]
blankplus macromolecular complex [Hs:4399] [Mm:4210]
blankminus membrane [Hs:8431] [Mm:8834]
blankblankisa ascus membrane
blankblankplus coated membrane [Hs:83] [Mm:76]
blankblankminus membrane part [Hs:6611] [Mm:6924]
blankblankblankplus AP-type membrane coat adaptor complex [Hs:42] [Mm:37]
blankblankblankplus ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporter complex [Hs:6]
blankblankblankisa Cdc48p-Npl4p-Ufd1p AAA ATPase complex [Hs:4] [Mm:5]
blankblankblankisa Dsc E3 ubiquitin ligase complex
blankblankblankisa EGO complex
blankblankblankisa ER membrane protein complex [Hs:11] [Mm:11]
blankblankblankplus ER ubiquitin ligase complex [Hs:1]
blankblankblankisa ESCRT I complex
blankblankblankisa ESCRT II complex
blankblankblankisa ESCRT III complex [Hs:2] [Mm:1]
blankblankblankisa GPI-anchor transamidase complex [Hs:5] [Mm:5]
blankblankblankisa HOPS complex [Hs:12] [Mm:5]
blankblankblankplus MHC class I peptide loading complex [Hs:5] [Mm:6]
blankblankblankisa NAD(P)H dehydrogenase complex (plastoquinone)
blankblankblankplus NADH dehydrogenase complex [Hs:40] [Mm:41]
blankblankblankisa Nem1-Spo7 phosphatase complex [Hs:2] [Mm:2]
blankblankblankisa PAS complex
blankblankblankisa PSII associated light-harvesting complex II, core complex
blankblankblankplus PSII associated light-harvesting complex II, peripheral complex
blankblankblankisa PSII associated light-harvesting complex II, peripheral complex, LHCIIb subcomplex
blankblankblankisa Ragulator complex [Hs:5] [Mm:6]
blankblankblankplus SNARE complex [Hs:30] [Mm:28]
blankblankblankisa SREBP-SCAP complex
blankblankblankisa SREBP-SCAP-Insig complex [Hs:3] [Mm:4]
blankblankblankisa Sec62/Sec63 complex
blankblankblankisa TAP complex [Hs:4] [Mm:3]
blankblankblankisa Tic complex
blankblankblankisa Toc complex
blankblankblankisa UDP-N-acetylglucosamine transferase complex
blankblankblankisa Vps55/Vps68 complex
blankblankblankisa annulate lamellae [Hs:2] [Mm:3]
blankblankblankisa chloroplast ATP synthase complex
blankblankblankisa chloroplast outer membrane translocon
blankblankblankisa chromosome segregation-directing complex
blankblankblankisa clathrin complex [Hs:2] [Mm:2]
blankblankblankplus coated pit [Hs:65] [Mm:54]
blankblankblankisa cytochrome o ubiquinol oxidase complex
blankblankblankisa dolichyl-phosphate-mannose-protein mannosyltransferase complex
blankblankblankplus endoplasmic reticulum Sec complex [Hs:5] [Mm:1]
blankblankblankplus endoplasmic reticulum membrane [Hs:848] [Mm:289]
blankblankblankplus endoplasmic reticulum palmitoyltransferase complex [Hs:6] [Mm:6]
blankblankblankisa endosomal scaffold complex
blankblankblankplus external side of cell outer membrane [Hs:1] [Mm:1]
blankblankblankisa external side of endosome membrane
blankblankblankplus extrinsic to membrane [Hs:155] [Mm:145]
blankblankblankisa fatty acid elongase complex
blankblankblankisa fully spanning plasma membrane [Hs:1] [Mm:2]
blankblankblankplus fumarate reductase complex [Hs:4] [Mm:1]
blankblankblankisa inner acrosomal membrane [Hs:2] [Mm:2]
blankblankblankplus internal side of cell outer membrane
blankblankblankplus intrinsic to membrane [Hs:5826] [Mm:6227]
blankblankblankplus ion channel complex [Hs:233] [Mm:189]
blankblankblankisa lipopolysaccharide receptor complex [Hs:6] [Mm:6]
blankblankblankplus membrane coat [Hs:83] [Mm:76]
blankblankblankplus membrane raft [Hs:221] [Mm:249]
blankblankblankisa meprin A complex [Hs:1] [Mm:1]
blankblankblankplus mitochondrial membrane part [Hs:148] [Mm:137]
blankblankblankplus nuclear membrane part [Hs:7] [Mm:5]
blankblankblankplus nuclear outer membrane [Hs:24] [Mm:14]
blankblankblankplus nuclear outer membrane-endoplasmic reticulum membrane network [Hs:867] [Mm:307]
blankblankblankisa nuclear pore central transport channel
blankblankblankisa nuclear pore cytoplasmic filaments
blankblankblankisa nuclear pore inner ring
blankblankblankisa nuclear pore linkers
blankblankblankisa nuclear pore nuclear basket
blankblankblankisa nuclear pore outer ring [Hs:10] [Mm:10]
blankblankblankisa nuclear pore transmembrane ring
blankblankblankplus oligosaccharyltransferase complex [Hs:13] [Mm:6]
blankblankblankplus organelle membrane contact site
blankblankblankisa outer acrosomal membrane [Hs:2] [Mm:2]
blankblankblankisa oxygen evolving complex
blankblankblankplus photosystem
blankblankblankisa photosystem I antenna complex
blankblankblankisa photosystem I reaction center
blankblankblankisa photosystem II antenna complex
blankblankblankisa photosystem II reaction center
blankblankblankisa phycobilisome
blankblankblankplus plasma membrane part [Hs:2126] [Mm:1601]
blankblankblankplus pore complex [Hs:101] [Mm:81]
blankblankblankisa pre-B cell receptor complex
blankblankblankisa prospore membrane leading edge
blankblankblankisa prospore membrane spindle pole body attachment site
blankblankblankisa protein C inhibitor-acrosin complex
blankblankblankplus proton-transporting ATP synthase, catalytic core [Hs:1]
blankblankblankplus proton-transporting ATP synthase, central stalk
blankblankblankplus proton-transporting ATP synthase, stator stalk
blankblankblankplus proton-transporting two-sector ATPase complex [Hs:51] [Mm:46]
blankblankblankplus proton-transporting two-sector ATPase complex, catalytic domain [Hs:19] [Mm:15]
blankblankblankplus proton-transporting two-sector ATPase complex, proton-transporting domain [Hs:23] [Mm:22]
blankblankblankplus respiratory chain [Hs:74] [Mm:60]
blankblankblankplus respiratory chain complex II [Hs:4] [Mm:2]
blankblankblankplus respiratory chain complex III [Hs:5] [Mm:6]
blankblankblankplus respiratory chain complex IV [Hs:5] [Mm:4]
blankblankblankplus retromer complex [Hs:5] [Mm:6]
blankblankblankisa retromer complex, inner shell
blankblankblankisa retromer complex, outer shell
blankblankblankisa signal peptidase complex [Hs:4] [Mm:3]
blankblankblankisa signal recognition particle receptor complex [Hs:4] [Mm:2]
blankblankblankplus sodium ion-transporting two-sector ATPase complex
blankblankblankisa starch utilization system complex
blankblankblankplus succinate dehydrogenase complex [Hs:4] [Mm:2]
blankblankblankplus thylakoid light-harvesting complex
blankblankblankplus translocon complex [Hs:3] [Mm:3]
blankblankplus nuclear outer membrane-endoplasmic reticulum membrane network [Hs:867] [Mm:307]
blankblankplus organelle membrane [Hs:2627] [Mm:1369]
blankblankplus outer membrane [Hs:162] [Mm:156]
blankblankisa photoreceptor disc membrane
blankblankisa photoreceptor inner segment membrane [Hs:1] [Mm:2]
blankblankisa photoreceptor outer segment membrane [Hs:9] [Mm:11]
blankblankplus photosynthetic membrane
blankblankplus plasma membrane [Hs:4638] [Mm:4970]
blankblankisa pre-autophagosomal structure membrane [Hs:9] [Mm:9]
blankblankplus prospore membrane
blankblankplus synaptic membrane [Hs:235] [Mm:257]
blankblankisa virion membrane
blankminus membrane part [Hs:6611] [Mm:6924]
blankblankplus AP-type membrane coat adaptor complex [Hs:42] [Mm:37]
blankblankplus ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporter complex [Hs:6]
blankblankisa Cdc48p-Npl4p-Ufd1p AAA ATPase complex [Hs:4] [Mm:5]
blankblankisa Dsc E3 ubiquitin ligase complex
blankblankisa EGO complex
blankblankisa ER membrane protein complex [Hs:11] [Mm:11]
blankblankplus ER ubiquitin ligase complex [Hs:1]
blankblankisa ESCRT I complex
blankblankisa ESCRT II complex
blankblankisa ESCRT III complex [Hs:2] [Mm:1]
blankblankisa GPI-anchor transamidase complex [Hs:5] [Mm:5]
blankblankisa HOPS complex [Hs:12] [Mm:5]
blankblankplus MHC class I peptide loading complex [Hs:5] [Mm:6]
blankblankisa NAD(P)H dehydrogenase complex (plastoquinone)
blankblankplus NADH dehydrogenase complex [Hs:40] [Mm:41]
blankblankisa Nem1-Spo7 phosphatase complex [Hs:2] [Mm:2]
blankblankisa PAS complex
blankblankisa PSII associated light-harvesting complex II, core complex
blankblankplus PSII associated light-harvesting complex II, peripheral complex
blankblankisa PSII associated light-harvesting complex II, peripheral complex, LHCIIb subcomplex
blankblankisa Ragulator complex [Hs:5] [Mm:6]
blankblankplus SNARE complex [Hs:30] [Mm:28]
blankblankisa SREBP-SCAP complex
blankblankisa SREBP-SCAP-Insig complex [Hs:3] [Mm:4]
blankblankisa Sec62/Sec63 complex
blankblankisa TAP complex [Hs:4] [Mm:3]
blankblankisa Tic complex
blankblankisa Toc complex
blankblankisa UDP-N-acetylglucosamine transferase complex
blankblankisa Vps55/Vps68 complex
blankblankisa annulate lamellae [Hs:2] [Mm:3]
blankblankisa chloroplast ATP synthase complex
blankblankisa chloroplast outer membrane translocon
blankblankisa chromosome segregation-directing complex
blankblankisa clathrin complex [Hs:2] [Mm:2]
blankblankplus coated pit [Hs:65] [Mm:54]
blankblankisa cytochrome o ubiquinol oxidase complex
blankblankisa dolichyl-phosphate-mannose-protein mannosyltransferase complex
blankblankplus endoplasmic reticulum Sec complex [Hs:5] [Mm:1]
blankblankplus endoplasmic reticulum membrane [Hs:848] [Mm:289]
blankblankplus endoplasmic reticulum palmitoyltransferase complex [Hs:6] [Mm:6]
blankblankisa endosomal scaffold complex
blankblankplus external side of cell outer membrane [Hs:1] [Mm:1]
blankblankisa external side of endosome membrane
blankblankplus extrinsic to membrane [Hs:155] [Mm:145]
blankblankisa fatty acid elongase complex
blankblankisa fully spanning plasma membrane [Hs:1] [Mm:2]
blankblankplus fumarate reductase complex [Hs:4] [Mm:1]
blankblankisa inner acrosomal membrane [Hs:2] [Mm:2]
blankblankplus internal side of cell outer membrane
blankblankplus intrinsic to membrane [Hs:5826] [Mm:6227]
blankblankplus ion channel complex [Hs:233] [Mm:189]
blankblankisa lipopolysaccharide receptor complex [Hs:6] [Mm:6]
blankblankplus membrane coat [Hs:83] [Mm:76]
blankblankplus membrane raft [Hs:221] [Mm:249]
blankblankisa meprin A complex [Hs:1] [Mm:1]
blankblankplus mitochondrial membrane part [Hs:148] [Mm:137]
blankblankplus nuclear membrane part [Hs:7] [Mm:5]
blankblankplus nuclear outer membrane [Hs:24] [Mm:14]
blankblankplus nuclear outer membrane-endoplasmic reticulum membrane network [Hs:867] [Mm:307]
blankblankisa nuclear pore central transport channel
blankblankisa nuclear pore cytoplasmic filaments
blankblankisa nuclear pore inner ring
blankblankisa nuclear pore linkers
blankblankisa nuclear pore nuclear basket
blankblankisa nuclear pore outer ring [Hs:10] [Mm:10]
blankblankisa nuclear pore transmembrane ring
blankblankplus oligosaccharyltransferase complex [Hs:13] [Mm:6]
blankblankplus organelle membrane contact site
blankblankisa outer acrosomal membrane [Hs:2] [Mm:2]
blankblankisa oxygen evolving complex
blankblankplus photosystem
blankblankisa photosystem I antenna complex
blankblankisa photosystem I reaction center
blankblankisa photosystem II antenna complex
blankblankisa photosystem II reaction center
blankblankisa phycobilisome
blankblankplus plasma membrane part [Hs:2126] [Mm:1601]
blankblankplus pore complex [Hs:101] [Mm:81]
blankblankisa pre-B cell receptor complex
blankblankisa prospore membrane leading edge
blankblankisa prospore membrane spindle pole body attachment site
blankblankisa protein C inhibitor-acrosin complex
blankblankplus proton-transporting ATP synthase, catalytic core [Hs:1]
blankblankplus proton-transporting ATP synthase, central stalk
blankblankplus proton-transporting ATP synthase, stator stalk
blankblankplus proton-transporting two-sector ATPase complex [Hs:51] [Mm:46]
blankblankplus proton-transporting two-sector ATPase complex, catalytic domain [Hs:19] [Mm:15]
blankblankplus proton-transporting two-sector ATPase complex, proton-transporting domain [Hs:23] [Mm:22]
blankblankplus respiratory chain [Hs:74] [Mm:60]
blankblankplus respiratory chain complex II [Hs:4] [Mm:2]
blankblankplus respiratory chain complex III [Hs:5] [Mm:6]
blankblankplus respiratory chain complex IV [Hs:5] [Mm:4]
blankblankplus retromer complex [Hs:5] [Mm:6]
blankblankisa retromer complex, inner shell
blankblankisa retromer complex, outer shell
blankblankisa signal peptidase complex [Hs:4] [Mm:3]
blankblankisa signal recognition particle receptor complex [Hs:4] [Mm:2]
blankblankplus sodium ion-transporting two-sector ATPase complex
blankblankisa starch utilization system complex
blankblankplus succinate dehydrogenase complex [Hs:4] [Mm:2]
blankblankplus thylakoid light-harvesting complex
blankblankplus translocon complex [Hs:3] [Mm:3]
blankplus membrane-enclosed lumen [Hs:3808] [Mm:1991]
blankisa mitochondrion-associated adherens complex
blankplus nucleoid [Hs:43] [Mm:43]
blankplus organelle [Hs:11858] [Mm:11051]
blankplus organelle part [Hs:7643] [Mm:5087]
blankplus symplast
blankplus synapse [Hs:563] [Mm:658]
blankplus synapse part [Hs:410] [Mm:479]
blankplus virion [Hs:6] [Mm:5]
blankplus virion part [Hs:6] [Mm:5]
plus molecular_function [Hs:803] [Mm:9729]