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plus biological_process [Hs:730] [Mm:9500]
plus cellular_component [Hs:694] [Mm:8790]
minus molecular_function [Hs:803] [Mm:9729]
blankisa D-alanyl carrier activity
blankplus antioxidant activity [Hs:69] [Mm:58]
blankplus binding [Hs:13129] [Mm:12142]
blankplus catalytic activity [Hs:5928] [Mm:5638]
blankplus channel regulator activity [Hs:91] [Mm:77]
blankisa chemoattractant activity [Hs:22] [Mm:17]
blankisa chemorepellent activity [Hs:5] [Mm:7]
blankplus electron carrier activity [Hs:166] [Mm:117]
blankminus enzyme regulator activity [Hs:1084] [Mm:956]
blankblankisa DNA polymerase processivity factor activity [Hs:3] [Mm:2]
blankblankisa GTP cyclohydrolase I regulator activity
blankblankisa UTP:glucose-1-phosphate uridylyltransferase regulator activity
blankblankplus cyclase regulator activity [Hs:9] [Mm:6]
blankblankisa cyclin-dependent protein kinase 5 activator regulator activity
blankblankplus cysteine-type endopeptidase regulator activity involved in apoptotic process [Hs:46] [Mm:38]
blankblankplus enzyme activator activity [Hs:456] [Mm:376]
blankblankminus enzyme inhibitor activity [Hs:342] [Mm:321]
blankblankblankplus ATPase inhibitor activity [Hs:2] [Mm:3]
blankblankblankisa GTPase inhibitor activity [Hs:13] [Mm:4]
blankblankblankisa alpha-amylase inhibitor activity
blankblankblankisa dUTP pyrophosphatase inhibitor activity
blankblankblankisa deoxyribonuclease inhibitor activity
blankblankblankisa guanylate cyclase inhibitor activity [Hs:1] [Mm:1]
blankblankblankisa histone deacetylase inhibitor activity [Hs:1] [Mm:2]
blankblankblankplus kinase inhibitor activity [Hs:55] [Mm:44]
blankblankblankplus ligase inhibitor activity [Hs:2] [Mm:2]
blankblankblankminus lipase inhibitor activity [Hs:16] [Mm:11]
blankblankblankblankminus phospholipase inhibitor activity [Hs:13] [Mm:7]
blankblankblankblankblankminus phospholipase A2 inhibitor activity [Hs:3] [Mm:3]
blankblankblankblankblankisa phospholipase D inhibitor activity [Hs:1]
blankblankblankisa lysozyme inhibitor activity
blankblankblankplus metalloenzyme inhibitor activity [Hs:12] [Mm:11]
blankblankblankisa ornithine carbamoyltransferase inhibitor activity
blankblankblankisa ornithine decarboxylase inhibitor activity [Hs:4] [Mm:5]
blankblankblankisa pectinesterase inhibitor activity
blankblankblankplus peptidase inhibitor activity [Hs:185] [Mm:195]
blankblankblankplus phosphatase inhibitor activity [Hs:42] [Mm:33]
blankblankblankisa polygalacturonase inhibitor activity
blankblankblankplus ribonuclease inhibitor activity [Hs:2] [Mm:1]
blankblankblankisa telomerase inhibitor activity [Hs:4] [Mm:3]
blankblankisa guiding stereospecific synthesis activity
blankblankisa histone acetyltransferase regulator activity [Hs:1] [Mm:2]
blankblankplus histone deacetylase regulator activity [Hs:5] [Mm:6]
blankblankisa inositol phosphoceramide synthase regulator activity
blankblankplus kinase regulator activity [Hs:160] [Mm:142]
blankblankplus ligase regulator activity [Hs:6] [Mm:7]
blankblankplus metalloenzyme regulator activity [Hs:13] [Mm:13]
blankblankisa methionine adenosyltransferase regulator activity [Hs:1] [Mm:1]
blankblankisa nitric-oxide synthase regulator activity [Hs:6] [Mm:6]
blankblankplus nucleoside-triphosphatase regulator activity [Hs:508] [Mm:432]
blankblankplus ornithine decarboxylase regulator activity [Hs:7] [Mm:6]
blankblankplus peptidase regulator activity [Hs:221] [Mm:226]
blankblankplus phosphatase regulator activity [Hs:76] [Mm:63]
blankplus metallochaperone activity [Hs:5] [Mm:4]
blankplus molecular transducer activity [Hs:1754] [Mm:2451]
blankisa morphogen activity [Hs:7] [Mm:3]
blankplus nucleic acid binding transcription factor activity [Hs:1151] [Mm:913]
blankisa nutrient reservoir activity [Hs:1] [Mm:2]
blankplus protein binding transcription factor activity [Hs:576] [Mm:431]
blankisa protein tag [Hs:2] [Mm:3]
blankplus receptor activity [Hs:1626] [Mm:2372]
blankplus receptor regulator activity [Hs:46] [Mm:30]
blankplus structural molecule activity [Hs:710] [Mm:478]
blankplus translation regulator activity [Hs:30] [Mm:24]
blankplus transporter activity [Hs:1313] [Mm:1158]