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minus biological_process [Hs:730] [Mm:9500]
blankplus biological adhesion [Hs:844] [Mm:706]
blankplus biological regulation [Hs:9647] [Mm:10202]
blankplus cell killing [Hs:37] [Mm:23]
blankplus cellular process [Hs:13805] [Mm:13810]
blankplus death [Hs:1251] [Mm:925]
blankplus developmental process [Hs:4846] [Mm:4217]
blankplus establishment of localization [Hs:3312] [Mm:3124]
blankplus growth [Hs:368] [Mm:371]
blankplus immune system process [Hs:1733] [Mm:1205]
blankplus localization [Hs:4083] [Mm:3831]
blankplus locomotion [Hs:1123] [Mm:809]
blankplus metabolic process [Hs:9148] [Mm:8524]
blankplus multi-organism process [Hs:5125] [Mm:4073]
blankplus multicellular organismal process [Hs:6014] [Mm:5976]
blankplus reproduction [Hs:1721] [Mm:1059]
blankplus reproductive process [Hs:1713] [Mm:1055]
blankminus response to stimulus [Hs:6958] [Mm:6862]
blankblankminus behavior [Hs:472] [Mm:498]
blankblankblankplus behavioral defense response [Hs:22] [Mm:27]
blankblankblankplus feeding behavior [Hs:90] [Mm:86]
blankblankblankplus multi-organism behavior [Hs:65] [Mm:65]
blankblankblankplus reproductive behavior [Hs:76] [Mm:95]
blankblankblankminus single-organism behavior [Hs:392] [Mm:421]
blankblankblankblankplus adult behavior [Hs:113] [Mm:143]
blankblankblankblankisa behavioral fear response [Hs:21] [Mm:26]
blankblankblankblankplus behavioral response to pain [Hs:13] [Mm:17]
blankblankblankblankisa behavioral response to water deprivation
blankblankblankblankisa behavioral response to wounding
blankblankblankblankplus chemosensory behavior [Hs:12] [Mm:9]
blankblankblankblankisa crying behavior
blankblankblankblankplus exploration behavior [Hs:9] [Mm:11]
blankblankblankblankplus foraging behavior
blankblankblankblankisa general adaptation syndrome, behavioral process
blankblankblankblankisa grooming behavior [Hs:12] [Mm:13]
blankblankblankblankisa hatching behavior
blankblankblankblankisa host-seeking behavior
blankblankblankblankplus larval behavior
blankblankblankblankplus learning or memory [Hs:180] [Mm:188]
blankblankblankblankminus locomotory behavior [Hs:163] [Mm:182]
blankblankblankblankblankplus adult locomotory behavior [Hs:76] [Mm:92]
blankblankblankblankblankplus chemotaxis in environment of other organism involved in symbiotic interaction
blankblankblankblankblankplus larval locomotory behavior
blankblankblankblankblankplus locomotion involved in locomotory behavior [Hs:4] [Mm:3]
blankblankblankblankblankisa locomotor rhythm [Hs:4] [Mm:6]
blankblankblankblankblankisa locomotory exploration behavior [Hs:5] [Mm:7]
blankblankblankblankblankisa swimming behavior
blankblankblankblankblankplus turning behavior
blankblankblankblankplus mechanosensory behavior [Hs:10] [Mm:9]
blankblankblankblankisa psychomotor behavior
blankblankblankblankplus rhythmic behavior [Hs:28] [Mm:30]
blankblankblankblankplus single-organism reproductive behavior [Hs:60] [Mm:72]
blankblankplus cellular response to stimulus [Hs:5114] [Mm:5405]
blankblankplus detection of stimulus [Hs:231] [Mm:164]
blankblankplus immune response [Hs:961] [Mm:527]
blankblankplus protein activation cascade [Hs:68] [Mm:39]
blankblankplus response to abiotic stimulus [Hs:900] [Mm:627]
blankblankplus response to activity [Hs:45] [Mm:19]
blankblankplus response to biotic stimulus [Hs:653] [Mm:532]
blankblankplus response to chemical stimulus [Hs:3077] [Mm:2208]
blankblankplus response to dietary excess [Hs:15] [Mm:16]
blankblankplus response to endogenous stimulus [Hs:1171] [Mm:725]
blankblankplus response to external stimulus [Hs:1198] [Mm:684]
blankblankplus response to inactivity [Hs:4] [Mm:2]
blankblankplus response to redox state [Hs:8] [Mm:5]
blankblankplus response to stimulus involved in regulation of muscle adaptation [Hs:5] [Mm:3]
blankblankplus response to stress [Hs:3084] [Mm:2087]
blankplus signaling [Hs:4582] [Mm:4845]
blankplus single-organism process [Hs:8449] [Mm:8215]
plus cellular_component [Hs:694] [Mm:8790]
plus molecular_function [Hs:803] [Mm:9729]