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minus biological_process [Hs:730] [Mm:9500]
blankplus biological adhesion [Hs:844] [Mm:706]
blankplus biological regulation [Hs:9647] [Mm:10202]
blankplus cell killing [Hs:37] [Mm:23]
blankminus cellular process [Hs:13805] [Mm:13810]
blankblankplus actin filament-based process [Hs:409] [Mm:354]
blankblankplus cell activation [Hs:626] [Mm:451]
blankblankplus cell adhesion [Hs:842] [Mm:698]
blankblankisa cell adhesion molecule production
blankblankplus cell aging [Hs:71] [Mm:59]
blankblankplus cell communication [Hs:4718] [Mm:4969]
blankblankisa cell competition in a multicellular organism
blankblankplus cell cycle [Hs:1278] [Mm:998]
blankblankplus cell cycle process [Hs:997] [Mm:704]
blankblankplus cell death [Hs:1248] [Mm:918]
blankblankplus cell division [Hs:465] [Mm:431]
blankblankplus cell growth [Hs:106] [Mm:87]
blankblankplus cell recognition [Hs:85] [Mm:85]
blankblankplus cellular component movement [Hs:1013] [Mm:805]
blankblankplus cellular component organization or biogenesis [Hs:4312] [Mm:3660]
blankblankplus cellular developmental process [Hs:2855] [Mm:2758]
blankblankplus cellular homeostasis [Hs:734] [Mm:753]
blankblankplus cellular localization [Hs:1808] [Mm:1388]
blankblankplus cellular metabolic process [Hs:8353] [Mm:7311]
blankblankplus cellular pigmentation [Hs:38] [Mm:25]
blankblankplus cellular potassium ion transport [Hs:21] [Mm:90]
blankblankplus cellular process involved in reproduction [Hs:551] [Mm:419]
blankblankplus cellular response to stimulus [Hs:5114] [Mm:5405]
blankblankisa chromosome number maintenance
blankblankplus chromosome segregation [Hs:144] [Mm:139]
blankblankplus contact inhibition [Hs:6] [Mm:7]
blankblankplus cytokinesis [Hs:94] [Mm:73]
blankblankplus cytokinetic process [Hs:8] [Mm:9]
blankblankplus ensheathment of neurons [Hs:81] [Mm:82]
blankblankplus establishment or maintenance of cell polarity [Hs:124] [Mm:116]
blankblankisa establishment or maintenance of cell type involved in phenotypic switching
blankblankplus execution phase of apoptosis [Hs:85] [Mm:34]
blankblankplus gene silencing [Hs:85] [Mm:86]
blankblankplus generation of a signal involved in cell-cell signaling [Hs:158] [Mm:137]
blankblankplus intercellular transport
blankblankplus intermediate filament-based process [Hs:40] [Mm:34]
blankblankplus light absorption
blankblankisa maintenance of blood-brain barrier [Hs:2] [Mm:3]
blankblankplus maintenance of location in cell [Hs:105] [Mm:91]
blankblankplus membrane docking [Hs:37] [Mm:24]
blankblankplus microtubule-based process [Hs:424] [Mm:404]
blankblankplus plasmid maintenance
blankblankisa reversion of cell type to default state involved in phenotypic switching
blankblankplus secretion by cell [Hs:431] [Mm:292]
blankblankplus signal maturation [Hs:2] [Mm:1]
blankblankplus signal release [Hs:158] [Mm:137]
blankblankplus stomatal movement
blankblankplus syncytium formation [Hs:24] [Mm:22]
blankblankplus translational initiation [Hs:169] [Mm:82]
blankblankminus transmembrane transport [Hs:751] [Mm:879]
blankblankblankisa benomyl transmembrane transport
blankblankblankplus carbohydrate transmembrane transport [Hs:2] [Mm:8]
blankblankblankisa carbon dioxide transmembrane transport [Hs:1] [Mm:1]
blankblankblankminus drug transmembrane transport [Hs:10] [Mm:18]
blankblankblankisa heme transmembrane transport
blankblankblankisa hydrogen peroxide transmembrane transport
blankblankblankplus ion transmembrane transport [Hs:212] [Mm:501]
blankblankblankplus nucleoside transmembrane transport [Hs:3] [Mm:4]
blankblankblankplus nucleotide transmembrane transport [Hs:3] [Mm:2]
blankblankblankplus oligopeptide transmembrane transport [Hs:1] [Mm:3]
blankblankblankplus phytochelatin transmembrane transport
blankblankblankplus protein transmembrane transport [Hs:137] [Mm:133]
blankblankblankplus purine-containing compound transmembrane transport [Hs:3] [Mm:4]
blankblankblankplus pyrimidine-containing compound transmembrane transport [Hs:2] [Mm:3]
blankblankblankisa serine import into cell
blankblankblankplus sterol transmembrane transport [Hs:4] [Mm:3]
blankblankblankisa urea transmembrane transport [Mm:3]
blankblankblankplus vacuolar transmembrane transport
blankblankblankplus vitamin transmembrane transport [Hs:2] [Mm:1]
blankblankplus transposition [Hs:2]
blankblankplus vegetative growth of a single-celled organism
blankblankplus vesicle targeting [Hs:42] [Mm:14]
blankplus death [Hs:1251] [Mm:925]
blankplus developmental process [Hs:4846] [Mm:4217]
blankminus establishment of localization [Hs:3312] [Mm:3124]
blankblankplus establishment of RNA localization [Hs:148] [Mm:100]
blankblankplus establishment of localization in cell [Hs:1545] [Mm:1110]
blankblankplus establishment of organelle localization [Hs:127] [Mm:97]
blankblankplus establishment of protein localization [Hs:1183] [Mm:959]
blankblankminus transport [Hs:3254] [Mm:3057]
blankblankblankisa calcium ion export
blankblankblankplus cofactor transport [Hs:23] [Mm:20]
blankblankblankminus drug transport [Hs:30] [Mm:43]
blankblankblankblankisa acriflavine transport
blankblankblankblankisa amiloride transport [Mm:1]
blankblankblankblankplus antibiotic transport [Hs:2] [Mm:3]
blankblankblankblankplus azole transport [Hs:12] [Mm:17]
blankblankblankblankplus benomyl transport
blankblankblankblankisa carbonyl cyanide m-chlorophenylhydrazone transport
blankblankblankblankisa daunorubicin transport [Mm:1]
blankblankblankblankisa drug export [Hs:2] [Mm:4]
blankblankblankblankminus drug transmembrane transport [Hs:10] [Mm:18]
blankblankblankblankisa methotrexate transport [Hs:2] [Mm:2]
blankblankblankblankisa organomercurial transport
blankblankblankplus extracellular transport [Hs:5] [Mm:10]
blankblankblankisa eye pigment precursor transport
blankblankblankisa fatty-acyl group transport
blankblankblankplus fluid transport [Hs:49] [Mm:22]
blankblankblankplus gas transport [Hs:14] [Mm:18]
blankblankblankplus hormone transport [Hs:73] [Mm:77]
blankblankblankplus hydrogen transport [Hs:62] [Mm:75]
blankblankblankplus intercellular transport
blankblankblankplus intracellular transport [Hs:1129] [Mm:810]
blankblankblankplus intracellular transport of viral material [Hs:13]
blankblankblankplus ion transport [Hs:909] [Mm:1026]
blankblankblankplus iron coordination entity transport [Hs:9] [Mm:7]
blankblankblankplus neurotransmitter transport [Hs:111] [Mm:100]
blankblankblankplus nitrogen compound transport [Hs:432] [Mm:370]
blankblankblankplus organic substance transport [Hs:1767] [Mm:1465]
blankblankblankplus ovarian nurse cell to oocyte transport
blankblankblankplus pigment granule transport [Hs:19] [Mm:10]
blankblankblankplus secretion [Hs:523] [Mm:371]
blankblankblankisa silicic acid transport
blankblankblankplus sulfur compound transport [Hs:29] [Mm:23]
blankblankblankplus transepithelial transport [Hs:17] [Mm:13]
blankblankblankplus translocation of molecules into other organism involved in symbiotic interaction
blankblankblankminus transmembrane transport [Hs:751] [Mm:879]
blankblankblankblankisa benomyl transmembrane transport
blankblankblankblankplus carbohydrate transmembrane transport [Hs:2] [Mm:8]
blankblankblankblankisa carbon dioxide transmembrane transport [Hs:1] [Mm:1]
blankblankblankblankminus drug transmembrane transport [Hs:10] [Mm:18]
blankblankblankblankisa heme transmembrane transport
blankblankblankblankisa hydrogen peroxide transmembrane transport
blankblankblankblankplus ion transmembrane transport [Hs:212] [Mm:501]
blankblankblankblankplus nucleoside transmembrane transport [Hs:3] [Mm:4]
blankblankblankblankplus nucleotide transmembrane transport [Hs:3] [Mm:2]
blankblankblankblankplus oligopeptide transmembrane transport [Hs:1] [Mm:3]
blankblankblankblankplus phytochelatin transmembrane transport
blankblankblankblankplus protein transmembrane transport [Hs:137] [Mm:133]
blankblankblankblankplus purine-containing compound transmembrane transport [Hs:3] [Mm:4]
blankblankblankblankplus pyrimidine-containing compound transmembrane transport [Hs:2] [Mm:3]
blankblankblankblankisa serine import into cell
blankblankblankblankplus sterol transmembrane transport [Hs:4] [Mm:3]
blankblankblankblankisa urea transmembrane transport [Mm:3]
blankblankblankblankplus vacuolar transmembrane transport
blankblankblankblankplus vitamin transmembrane transport [Hs:2] [Mm:1]
blankblankblankplus vascular transport [Hs:1] [Mm:1]
blankblankblankplus vesicle-mediated transport [Hs:903] [Mm:732]
blankblankblankplus virion transport [Hs:2]
blankblankblankplus vitamin transport [Hs:22] [Mm:21]
blankblankblankplus xenobiotic transport [Hs:1] [Mm:7]
blankplus growth [Hs:368] [Mm:371]
blankplus immune system process [Hs:1733] [Mm:1205]
blankminus localization [Hs:4083] [Mm:3831]
blankblankplus cellular localization [Hs:1808] [Mm:1388]
blankblankminus establishment of localization [Hs:3312] [Mm:3124]
blankblankblankplus establishment of RNA localization [Hs:148] [Mm:100]
blankblankblankplus establishment of localization in cell [Hs:1545] [Mm:1110]
blankblankblankplus establishment of organelle localization [Hs:127] [Mm:97]
blankblankblankplus establishment of protein localization [Hs:1183] [Mm:959]
blankblankblankminus transport [Hs:3254] [Mm:3057]
blankblankblankblankisa calcium ion export
blankblankblankblankplus cofactor transport [Hs:23] [Mm:20]
blankblankblankblankminus drug transport [Hs:30] [Mm:43]
blankblankblankblankblankisa acriflavine transport
blankblankblankblankblankisa amiloride transport [Mm:1]
blankblankblankblankblankplus antibiotic transport [Hs:2] [Mm:3]
blankblankblankblankblankplus azole transport [Hs:12] [Mm:17]
blankblankblankblankblankplus benomyl transport
blankblankblankblankblankisa carbonyl cyanide m-chlorophenylhydrazone transport
blankblankblankblankblankisa daunorubicin transport [Mm:1]
blankblankblankblankblankisa drug export [Hs:2] [Mm:4]
blankblankblankblankblankminus drug transmembrane transport [Hs:10] [Mm:18]
blankblankblankblankblankisa methotrexate transport [Hs:2] [Mm:2]
blankblankblankblankblankisa organomercurial transport
blankblankblankblankplus extracellular transport [Hs:5] [Mm:10]
blankblankblankblankisa eye pigment precursor transport
blankblankblankblankisa fatty-acyl group transport
blankblankblankblankplus fluid transport [Hs:49] [Mm:22]
blankblankblankblankplus gas transport [Hs:14] [Mm:18]
blankblankblankblankplus hormone transport [Hs:73] [Mm:77]
blankblankblankblankplus hydrogen transport [Hs:62] [Mm:75]
blankblankblankblankplus intercellular transport
blankblankblankblankplus intracellular transport [Hs:1129] [Mm:810]
blankblankblankblankplus intracellular transport of viral material [Hs:13]
blankblankblankblankplus ion transport [Hs:909] [Mm:1026]
blankblankblankblankplus iron coordination entity transport [Hs:9] [Mm:7]
blankblankblankblankplus neurotransmitter transport [Hs:111] [Mm:100]
blankblankblankblankplus nitrogen compound transport [Hs:432] [Mm:370]
blankblankblankblankplus organic substance transport [Hs:1767] [Mm:1465]
blankblankblankblankplus ovarian nurse cell to oocyte transport
blankblankblankblankplus pigment granule transport [Hs:19] [Mm:10]
blankblankblankblankplus secretion [Hs:523] [Mm:371]
blankblankblankblankisa silicic acid transport
blankblankblankblankplus sulfur compound transport [Hs:29] [Mm:23]
blankblankblankblankplus transepithelial transport [Hs:17] [Mm:13]
blankblankblankblankplus translocation of molecules into other organism involved in symbiotic interaction
blankblankblankblankminus transmembrane transport [Hs:751] [Mm:879]
blankblankblankblankblankisa benomyl transmembrane transport
blankblankblankblankblankplus carbohydrate transmembrane transport [Hs:2] [Mm:8]
blankblankblankblankblankisa carbon dioxide transmembrane transport [Hs:1] [Mm:1]
blankblankblankblankblankminus drug transmembrane transport [Hs:10] [Mm:18]
blankblankblankblankblankisa heme transmembrane transport
blankblankblankblankblankisa hydrogen peroxide transmembrane transport
blankblankblankblankblankplus ion transmembrane transport [Hs:212] [Mm:501]
blankblankblankblankblankplus nucleoside transmembrane transport [Hs:3] [Mm:4]
blankblankblankblankblankplus nucleotide transmembrane transport [Hs:3] [Mm:2]
blankblankblankblankblankplus oligopeptide transmembrane transport [Hs:1] [Mm:3]
blankblankblankblankblankplus phytochelatin transmembrane transport
blankblankblankblankblankplus protein transmembrane transport [Hs:137] [Mm:133]
blankblankblankblankblankplus purine-containing compound transmembrane transport [Hs:3] [Mm:4]
blankblankblankblankblankplus pyrimidine-containing compound transmembrane transport [Hs:2] [Mm:3]
blankblankblankblankblankisa serine import into cell
blankblankblankblankblankplus sterol transmembrane transport [Hs:4] [Mm:3]
blankblankblankblankblankisa urea transmembrane transport [Mm:3]
blankblankblankblankblankplus vacuolar transmembrane transport
blankblankblankblankblankplus vitamin transmembrane transport [Hs:2] [Mm:1]
blankblankblankblankplus vascular transport [Hs:1] [Mm:1]
blankblankblankblankplus vesicle-mediated transport [Hs:903] [Mm:732]
blankblankblankblankplus virion transport [Hs:2]
blankblankblankblankplus vitamin transport [Hs:22] [Mm:21]
blankblankblankblankplus xenobiotic transport [Hs:1] [Mm:7]
blankblankplus localization of cell [Hs:717] [Mm:614]
blankblankplus macromolecule localization [Hs:1777] [Mm:1501]
blankblankplus maintenance of location [Hs:136] [Mm:111]
blankblankisa nitric oxide storage [Hs:1]
blankplus locomotion [Hs:1123] [Mm:809]
blankplus metabolic process [Hs:9148] [Mm:8524]
blankplus multi-organism process [Hs:5125] [Mm:4073]
blankplus multicellular organismal process [Hs:6014] [Mm:5976]
blankplus reproduction [Hs:1721] [Mm:1059]
blankplus reproductive process [Hs:1713] [Mm:1055]
blankminus response to stimulus [Hs:6958] [Mm:6862]
blankblankplus behavior [Hs:472] [Mm:498]
blankblankplus cellular response to stimulus [Hs:5114] [Mm:5405]
blankblankplus detection of stimulus [Hs:231] [Mm:164]
blankblankplus immune response [Hs:961] [Mm:527]
blankblankplus protein activation cascade [Hs:68] [Mm:39]
blankblankplus response to abiotic stimulus [Hs:900] [Mm:627]
blankblankplus response to activity [Hs:45] [Mm:19]
blankblankplus response to biotic stimulus [Hs:653] [Mm:532]
blankblankminus response to chemical stimulus [Hs:3077] [Mm:2208]
blankblankblankplus cellular response to chemical stimulus [Hs:1752] [Mm:1160]
blankblankblankplus chemosensory behavior [Hs:12] [Mm:9]
blankblankblankplus chemotaxis [Hs:628] [Mm:350]
blankblankblankisa chemotropism
blankblankblankplus detection of chemical stimulus [Hs:99] [Mm:56]
blankblankblankisa filamentous growth of a population of unicellular organisms in response to chemical stimulus
blankblankblankisa negative regulation of ribosomal protein gene transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter in response to chemical stimulus
blankblankblankplus regulation of synaptic plasticity by chemical substance [Hs:1]
blankblankblankisa response to TNF agonist
blankblankblankplus response to acid [Hs:108] [Mm:64]
blankblankblankisa response to antimetabolite
blankblankblankisa response to aromatase inhibitor
blankblankblankisa response to asparaginase
blankblankblankisa response to carboplatin
blankblankblankminus response to drug [Hs:416] [Mm:213]
blankblankblankblankisa cellular response to drug [Hs:30] [Mm:29]
blankblankblankblankminus drug transport [Hs:30] [Mm:43]
blankblankblankblankblankisa acriflavine transport
blankblankblankblankblankisa amiloride transport [Mm:1]
blankblankblankblankblankplus antibiotic transport [Hs:2] [Mm:3]
blankblankblankblankblankplus azole transport [Hs:12] [Mm:17]
blankblankblankblankblankplus benomyl transport
blankblankblankblankblankisa carbonyl cyanide m-chlorophenylhydrazone transport
blankblankblankblankblankisa daunorubicin transport [Mm:1]
blankblankblankblankblankisa drug export [Hs:2] [Mm:4]
blankblankblankblankblankminus drug transmembrane transport [Hs:10] [Mm:18]
blankblankblankblankblankisa methotrexate transport [Hs:2] [Mm:2]
blankblankblankblankblankisa organomercurial transport
blankblankblankblankplus exogenous drug catabolic process [Hs:14] [Mm:9]
blankblankblankblankisa response to anesthetic
blankblankblankblankisa response to anticoagulant
blankblankblankblankisa response to anticonvulsant
blankblankblankblankisa response to antidepressant
blankblankblankblankisa response to antineoplastic agent
blankblankblankblankisa response to antipsychotic drug
blankblankblankblankisa response to bronchodilator
blankblankblankblankisa response to diuretic
blankblankblankblankisa response to platelet aggregation inhibitor
blankblankblankblankisa response to statin
blankblankblankplus response to food [Hs:13] [Mm:5]
blankblankblankplus response to hydroperoxide [Hs:10] [Mm:8]
blankblankblankplus response to inorganic substance [Hs:455] [Mm:317]
blankblankblankisa response to irinotecan
blankblankblankplus response to nutrient [Hs:181] [Mm:46]
blankblankblankplus response to organic substance [Hs:2051] [Mm:1505]
blankblankblankisa response to reverse transcriptase inhibitor
blankblankblankplus response to tacrolimus
blankblankblankplus response to topoisomerase inhibitor
blankblankblankplus response to toxin [Hs:181] [Mm:118]
blankblankblankplus response to xenobiotic stimulus [Hs:150] [Mm:34]
blankblankblankisa salt aversion
blankblankplus response to dietary excess [Hs:15] [Mm:16]
blankblankplus response to endogenous stimulus [Hs:1171] [Mm:725]
blankblankplus response to external stimulus [Hs:1198] [Mm:684]
blankblankplus response to inactivity [Hs:4] [Mm:2]
blankblankplus response to redox state [Hs:8] [Mm:5]
blankblankplus response to stimulus involved in regulation of muscle adaptation [Hs:5] [Mm:3]
blankblankplus response to stress [Hs:3084] [Mm:2087]
blankplus signaling [Hs:4582] [Mm:4845]
blankplus single-organism process [Hs:8449] [Mm:8215]
plus cellular_component [Hs:694] [Mm:8790]
plus molecular_function [Hs:803] [Mm:9729]