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minus biological_process [Hs:730] [Mm:9500]
blankplus biological adhesion [Hs:844] [Mm:706]
blankplus biological regulation [Hs:9647] [Mm:10202]
blankplus cell killing [Hs:37] [Mm:23]
blankplus cellular process [Hs:13805] [Mm:13810]
blankplus death [Hs:1251] [Mm:925]
blankplus developmental process [Hs:4846] [Mm:4217]
blankplus establishment of localization [Hs:3312] [Mm:3124]
blankplus growth [Hs:368] [Mm:371]
blankminus immune system process [Hs:1733] [Mm:1205]
blankblankplus B cell selection [Hs:2] [Mm:3]
blankblankplus T cell selection [Hs:28] [Mm:29]
blankblankplus activation of immune response [Hs:285] [Mm:163]
blankblankplus antigen processing and presentation [Hs:222] [Mm:63]
blankblankplus antigen sampling in mucosal-associated lymphoid tissue [Hs:1] [Mm:1]
blankblankplus hemocyte differentiation
blankblankisa hemocyte proliferation
blankblankminus immune effector process [Hs:339] [Mm:309]
blankblankblankplus cell activation involved in immune response [Hs:96] [Mm:98]
blankblankblankplus complement activation [Hs:47] [Mm:35]
blankblankblankplus defense response to virus [Hs:151] [Mm:133]
blankblankblankplus encapsulation of foreign target
blankblankblankisa granuloma formation [Hs:1] [Mm:1]
blankblankblankplus immune complex clearance
blankblankblankplus immune response-regulating cell surface receptor signaling pathway involved in phagocytosis
blankblankblankisa induced systemic resistance, ethylene mediated signaling pathway
blankblankblankisa induced systemic resistance, jasmonic acid mediated signaling pathway
blankblankblankplus leukocyte degranulation [Hs:24] [Mm:20]
blankblankblankplus leukocyte mediated cytotoxicity [Hs:19] [Mm:17]
blankblankblankminus leukocyte mediated immunity [Hs:139] [Mm:119]
blankblankblankblankplus lymphocyte mediated immunity [Hs:111] [Mm:93]
blankblankblankblankminus myeloid leukocyte mediated immunity [Hs:28] [Mm:28]
blankblankblankblankblankplus basophil mediated immunity [Hs:1] [Mm:1]
blankblankblankblankblankplus eosinophil mediated immunity [Hs:2] [Mm:2]
blankblankblankblankblankplus mast cell mediated immunity [Hs:13] [Mm:13]
blankblankblankblankblankminus neutrophil mediated immunity [Hs:13] [Mm:10]
blankblankblankblankblankblankpartof neutrophil degranulation [Hs:5] [Mm:3]
blankblankblankblankblankblankplus neutrophil mediated cytotoxicity [Hs:2] [Mm:3]
blankblankblankblankblankplus type II hypersensitivity [Mm:3]
blankblankblankblankblankisa type III hypersensitivity
blankblankblankplus leukocyte migration involved in immune response [Hs:2] [Mm:1]
blankblankblankisa opsonization [Hs:8] [Mm:6]
blankblankblankplus respiratory burst involved in defense response [Hs:5] [Mm:5]
blankblankplus immune response [Hs:961] [Mm:527]
blankblankplus immune system development [Hs:500] [Mm:521]
blankblankplus leukocyte activation [Hs:383] [Mm:387]
blankblankplus leukocyte homeostasis [Hs:55] [Mm:70]
blankblankplus leukocyte migration [Hs:219] [Mm:118]
blankblankplus lymphocyte costimulation [Hs:78] [Mm:14]
blankblankplus myeloid cell homeostasis [Hs:15] [Mm:23]
blankblankplus production of molecular mediator of immune response [Hs:64] [Mm:53]
blankblankplus somatic diversification of immune receptors [Hs:49] [Mm:40]
blankblankplus tolerance induction [Hs:8] [Mm:8]
blankplus localization [Hs:4083] [Mm:3831]
blankplus locomotion [Hs:1123] [Mm:809]
blankplus metabolic process [Hs:9148] [Mm:8524]
blankplus multi-organism process [Hs:5125] [Mm:4073]
blankplus multicellular organismal process [Hs:6014] [Mm:5976]
blankplus reproduction [Hs:1721] [Mm:1059]
blankplus reproductive process [Hs:1713] [Mm:1055]
blankplus response to stimulus [Hs:6958] [Mm:6862]
blankplus signaling [Hs:4582] [Mm:4845]
blankplus single-organism process [Hs:8449] [Mm:8215]
plus cellular_component [Hs:694] [Mm:8790]
plus molecular_function [Hs:803] [Mm:9729]